SimpleIDE Project View not persistent.

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I'm wondering if I am the only one having this problem. I have gone into Tools>Properties>General and ticked the box that's labelled "View Mode" and then under Tools I can select "Project View" and all is well - until I close SimpleIDE and later open it to continue my current project. Screen comes up back in simple view. Click on tools and the option for setting Project View is missing. Go to Tools>Properties>General and the View Mode box still has the check mark. Go back to Tools and Set Project View still missing. Go back to where the check box for View Mode is, uncheck, and then check the box. Go back to Tools and the Set Project View is now available. I click on that and I'm back into Project View. Work on my project, save it, and close the IDE. Later, start it back up, back to Simple View. Is there any way to keep Project View persistent or am I stuck having to reset the check mark in order to have Project View available?
BTW, I am using version 1.1.0.
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  • Same problem in the version I compiled for Linux.
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  • IOW the software does not load the setting(s) when opened, only when the check box is modified.

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  • I'm kind of resurrecting this old post because now, under SimpleIDE version 1.1.2 the problem still persists. Is there any hope in getting Project View to become persistent in the Tools drop down when View Mode is checked in the General tab?
    Florida, between St. Petersburg and the Gulf of Mexico

    Do not look directly into laser with remaining good eye...
  • The project view was persistent in an early release, but the persistence was disabled in later versions. I believe Parallax made this change because they didn't want to overload novice users with a lot of windows in SimpleIDE. They wanted to make it look as simple as possible.

    Maybe someone can search through the source code and locate where this code was disabled. Steve (Jazzed) may have added a comment when he did it. If so, it should be easy to fix it.
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    I wish SimpleIDE would keep open the tabs/files I have open for a given project from session to session. It always just opens the one file.
    I also wish it didn't do a bunch of the "auto" inserting things it does, some of which are completely wrong, like often when you have a * on the end of a line and press enter it will tab in and put a * on the line below that.

    I know they want a "novice" mode for it, but they should allow pro users to change it's settings and keep those changes between sessions.

    Maybe I need to fork it and make NotSoSimpleIDE :)
  • Roy
    Maybe I need to fork it and make NotSoSimpleIDE

    If you are serious, I would love to see a NotSoSimpleIDE :)

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