Updated Serial LCD Product Guide

Dear Parallax,

I recently purchased a serial Lcd with piezospeaker, which prompted me to download the corresponding product guide. I offer a few comments.

Page 4 of 11 and page 6 of 11: In the spin example, it should be waitcnt(clockfreq/10+cnt). The code shown delays only 10 msec.
Page 4 of 11: I would surely put a paragraph break before "The Line Feed..."
Page 5 of 11 and 6 of 11: That special character does not look at all like a diamond to me.
Page 6 of 11: In Playing Music, Dec 214 to 232 should be Dec 208 to 232.
Pages 7, 8, and 9 of 11: Extra header rows somehow crept into the table at more or less random places.
Missing: The ASCII character table is useful and would use the back side of the last page when printed double-sided (page 12).


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    Would be best to send suggestions to webmaster@parallax.com.

    The people involved with updating documentation do not always monitor the forums.

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