Nokia 5110 LCD works on P2-v10a

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Here is a program that works with the Nokia 5110 LCD and BeMicroCV-A9.
LCD Plugs directly Pin1..8 --> J1-39..J1-25 (P0,P2,P4,P6,P8,3V3,P10,P12)

Note 1: While the 3v3 is supplying the LCD, the GND is being supplied by P12 and the backlight is supplied by P10 (~6.8mA). The backlight can be enabled by uncommenting the BL=0 line. Without the backlight, current for 3v3 & GND is only ~0.2mA.

Note 2: This is derived from my P1 code so it is not optimised for P2.

Question: What are the new parameters to set the xtal to 80MHz?


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