Parallax RFID, TXB0108, and Raspberry PI

I am using a Raspberry Pi with a Parallax RFID reader. The output of the reader is 5 volts, but the PI needs 3.3V. I tried the following but it didn't work:

Parallax RFID VCC - VCB on TXB0108
Parallax RFID Enable - Gnd
Parallax RFID OUT to B1
Parallax RFID Gnd - Gnd
TXB0108 A1 - Raspberry Pi RX
Raspberry Pi 5V to VCB
Raspberry PI 3.3V to VCA

Can anyone help me with the correct hookup for this? Thanks.


  • Quite likely blew the raspi Rx pin if the TX01018 A1 is outputting 5 volts. Or the raspi B1 pin if if RFID out is 5 volts.

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