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I need to hire a programmer

I'm not a programmer but I do use BST to change settings in a controller that I sell for lithium batteries. I am looking to hire someone to modify the code.

What I need is for our lithium battery CPU to send 1 of 2 commands out the MODBUS to a Midnite Classic Solar PV solar charge controller which also has MODBUS.

Here’s the ModBus data sheets for both items: MODBUS Specification.pdf

It’s a pretty simple function that I need:
1. If any battery cell voltage rises to 3.7 volts (Address 7: Max Cell Voltage in the CPU), send command to ForceFloatF (Table 4160-1 Classic Modbus network).
2. If any cell voltage drops below 3.25 volts (Address 9: Min Cell Voltage in the CPU), send the command to ForceBulkF (Table 4160-1 Classic Modbus network)

If anyone is interested in a job, I can be reached at 928-342-9103. My name is Larry.

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