The new flight controller on the older ELEV-8 model?

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Quick question - purchased the older ELEV-8 model (v2 I assume?) last year, and been wanting to upgrade the flight controller to one that has a gyroscope, accelerometers, etc. I looked into it last year but never got around to it. I come to the site today and see there's a new controller that has all the bells and whistles I'd love.

My question: Is it compatible with the older ELEV-8 model? Can I just swap out the flight controller, or are there other issues (is all the other hardware compatible, etc)? Would love to fly this weekend, and would order it right now, but want to be sure that I won't need to replace tons of other hardware/rewire everything, etc.

Just SO hard to fly this thing without the assistance of a quality flight controller.



  • There's no reason it won't work, but the mounting is a bit different. Have a look at this thread:

    I've used the new controller semi-rigidly mounted in someone else's body shell and it flies very well. There are a couple people who've flown the new controller on older Elev-8's by making a vibration isolation mount, but it would likely work without that, as long as you don't have a lot of vibration (unbalanced propellers, tons of loose wires, etc).
  • I just found this discussion. Have you considered other flight controllers? I have built two Elev-8s (V2) and installed an APM 2.6 on them. Both fly really well! You can get a clone APM 2.6 for around $40 on Amazon.
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