Questions about the P2 instrution set for anyone but Chip



  • I wanted to focus on the offending code.

    Here is the complete code... I think it is failing hardware, but I have thought that before.
    The story is I spent a couple of days soldering a couple of LaserPings to a slip ring and mounting the thing to a Parallax feedback 360 servo... assuming that the code would be a no brainer... first I couldn't get the smart pins to cooperate.. then I couldn't get the edge detectors to cooperate... and now I am reduced to this:) The idea is that when you make momentary contact with 3.3v... the moment is spit out to serial, with the first clock and the total period reported AND the LED lights up during contact... this actually does work!!! But seeing that LED stay dimly lit has me befuzzled.
  • The code snippet starts around line 74
  • ok... I see it... thanks.
  • looked at it for two days... Lordy
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