Resources for Propeller Servo Controller USB

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In recent thread someone asked about the code used in the Propeller Servo Controller.
Here are a couple of links to the manual and the firmware.

The PC control software was too large to attach put I was able to attach the schematic.I added the PC control software to my DropBox. Here's a link.

BTW, it would probably be a good idea to use the latest servo control software. You'd need to change the line of code which assigns the servo object line in the firmware. If someone gets stuck changing the file, let us know and we'll help modify the firmware.
The Propeller Servo Controller software could easily be used with other Propeller boards. Here's a link to some suggestions on how to attach servos to Propeller boards.

A QuickStart could easily control 28 servos and if you added switches on P28 through P31 you could use a QuickStart to control 32 servos.

Here's a link to the thread on the topic.

The PSC board could only control 16 servos. I notice in the schematic there are 9 unused I/O pins. It wouldn't be too hard to modify the firmware to make use of these 9 extra I/O pins. I've personally never used 25 servos in project (other than my 32 servo demo) but my hexapod used a total of 24 servos.

I personally think servo control is one of many areas the Propeller excels. By running the servo control driver in its own cog, the servos are continually pulsed in the background.


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