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Where did the P1V sub-forum go?

How do I get back to the P1 Verilog forum?


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  • jmgjmg Posts: 11,437
    I think a few sub-forums have been assimilated.
    Hard to follow the logic, as the Recent Discussions forum feature already allows an overview, for anyone wanting it, and sub-forums are a good idea for outside General Discussion areas. 
  • I hope Parallax can get their money back for the purchase of this new forum software. If the forums would be the source code of a program, they would have a Fork on their hands. It's bad enough that you guys broke all the forum links on the internet with a forum update a couple of years ago, and now entire subforums disappear? Fail. Should have just stayed with what everyone knows and likes. PHPBB3 or something, whatever. I don't even know what this is, I can't even. <Drops mike>

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