Audio / Video-Matic (another pm3k based music visualizer)

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Audio / Video-Matic R08.033115 GGysbers
A "pm3k" music visualizer featuring 3/4 new shapes (sprites) and patterns.

Shapes manipulated on composite TV per stereo audio input;
translate audio to eight randomly selected patterns, shape the patterns
accordingly & cycles through several color palettes.

User interface via two simple push buttons;
(1) Stop/start automatic random pattern selection
(2) Advance pattern selection cycle by one

Parallax P8X32A Propeller, Microchip MCP3204/8 + misc discrete components.
Requires BST/Brad's SPIN Tool compiler, thus including ready made binaries.

Uses Demo Board pin assignments.
Licensing and informal Works Cited at end of SPIN source.

Binaries included in archive are as follows:

100MHz Clock + 0010, pll16x & 6.25MHz crystal (less dot crawl)
100MHz Clock + 0000, pll16x & 6.25MHz crystal

96MHz Clock + 0000, pll16x & 6.00MHz crystal (_xinfreq line used respective SPIN source)

¦80MHz Clock + 0000, pll8x & 10MHz crystal
¦80MHz Clock, pll16x & 5MHz crystal
> ADC resolution set one third below that
of the 100MHz & 96MHz systems; (62 vs. 92).

Audio Video-Matic
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