SpinScope: A Virtual Oscilloscope for the Propeller



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    Ah, sorry Videomachine, I was just hacking around with Phil's code see what we could do. It's Phil's project so I'll let him take it wherever it leads.
  • Bob Lawrence (VE1RLL)Bob Lawrence (VE1RLL) Posts: 1,538
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    Excellent job Phil. It sure has beautiful graphics. Can't wait to try it. :)
  • RaymanRayman Posts: 9,210
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    Phil, Thanks for this tool!
    It just helped me working on an assembly I2C driver...

    I did have to download Firefox to make it work as it wasn't working in Internet Explorer.
    Also, I had to stop and restart scope and driver a couple times before it started showing data.
    But after that, it worked perfectly.
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    *bump* Hi, Phil! Any updates on this cool little app?
  • Nothing new. I'm still thinking about an analog mode, though.

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  • Thanks Phil!

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  • How did I ever miss this?

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