SX48BD FUSEX Register

david31david31 Posts: 4
edited 2014-05-16 - 12:46:26 in Microcontrollers
I have the interpreter chip BS2pe mounted on a PCB and was hoping to run it on a 3.3V PSU as the datasheet for the SX48BD states between 3V to 5V, when running at the bottom end of this range to chip goes into an apparent reset mode and communication is halted until the supply voltage goes above 4.2V, is it possible to modify the FUSEX brownout detector value within the Parallax SX48BD to make it 2.6 Volt instead of 4.2 Volt. as i suspect that it set for 4.2V as default perhaps before being shipped? is it possible to adjust this value without harming the pBasic firmware installed on the IC?



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