Will PropScope run on a Windows Surface?

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I'm very impressed with both the hardware and software so far; the display looks great on my 17" Win7 laptop, but ....

As a bench tool, it would be great if PropScope would run on a Windows Surface that I had laying around from another project. I downloaded the software and USB drivers, but they wouldn't install.

I got an error message something like "This software will not run on this computer."



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    Those Surface Tablets running Windows 8 RT on ARM processors can only use apps from the MS Metro App Store. People have "jailbroken" them to run x86 apps through an emulator but most end up giving up because the emulators don't support everything.

    So it's possible but probably not worth finding out unless you have experience with the emulator or are feeling very adventurous.
  • Bumping this question from over a year ago ...

    Is there ANY tablet computer that will run PropScope software? It would be especially nice if the touch-screen worked.


  • Zelmo wrote: »
    Bumping this question from over a year ago ...

    Is there ANY tablet computer that will run PropScope software? It would be especially nice if the touch-screen worked.


    Doesn't the Surface Pro have an x86 processor? Maybe it could run PropScope?

  • You could purchase a mini or micro ITX motherboard and an SSD to build your own windows computer. Those boards are small enough to mount on the back of a monitor or under the base of the stand. Add a wireless keyboard and mouse and you are ready to go.

    Other options would be something like the ASUS transformer or one of the "all in one" desktops where everything is built in to the monitor.
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  • ASUS T100 and T200 are "Real" x86 based tablets (2-in-1) systems.

    I have the T200 and it's pretty impressive. I've been doing my P2 testing on it and running other tools that are windows only. It has 4GB of memory, 64GB of storage (C: drive) a micro-SD slot you can use for a D: drive and you can also put an SSD into the detachable keyboard for an E: drive. Yes, detachable keyboard, at the end of the day, you can have a pretty sweet 12" tablet with a good amount of storage still on board. I've upgraded mine to Win 10 and it is a usable tablet too!! I've had it for almost a year and it has served well when I've been pushed to use a Windows machine.

    I haven't tried it with my Propscope, so I can't attest to that working with the touch screen or not.
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  • Surface Pro runs Windows 10.

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  • Not as sleek as a tablet but I have to say that one of my best discoveries has been used Panasonic Toughbooks on eBay.

    These things really are tough and feature a tilt/swivel screen that turns them into a - albeit bulky - tablet.

    Mine came with fresh installs of XP and fully functional, including the touchscreens. I drag them around factory floors and have never felt so comfortable. IIRC, I got mine for ~$150 or something.
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    Zelmo wrote: »
    Bumping this question from over a year ago ...

    Is there ANY tablet computer that will run PropScope software? It would be especially nice if the touch-screen worked.

    I would expect there are many.

    See this thread

    The HP stream mentioned runs (ran) 32b Windows, 8.x and the COM support seems just fine on what I've tested.

    It does need a HUB to power both the tablet and target.

    ie just find an x86 tablet, with 32b Windows.
  • You have to be careful because some device drivers will not run on 64-bit OS. I think the PropScope will have that problem with its USB driver.

    The Stream 7 and the iCraig tablet are both 32-bit though, because they come with only 1Gig of RAM. The iCraig also has a separate full size USB port so you don't need a hub or OTG cable. Both tablets have run every single Windows XP era application I have thrown at them without difficulty.
  • PropScope works fine AMD 64Bit Windows7 Pro.
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  • The drivers that come with the download at Parallax:


    version 207 work great on the HP Stream7 which is a 32Bit machine.

    PropScope software works, but there will be a battery issue, as the scope takes up the only usb port. No charging while usins the scope, but I think people have found splitters.

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  • Publison, I've used the OTG power/usb splitters with the Stream 7 and they work OK. The battery monitor doesn't report that the battery is charging even though it is, but it's usable.

    The iCraig tablet has a separate USB port as well as micro-HDMI which IMO makes it much more useful, despite being not as well made. It has the same 32-bit software as the Stream 7. I have a lot of stuff that doesn't run on any 64-bit OS but works on these tablets.

    If you've verified that PropScope works on any 64-bit WinOS then it should work on all of them, which means all the tablets including the Surface should work. But in addition to being 32-bit the Stream and iCraig are way cheap at around $100. You'll need a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard (maybe even for the iCraig, even though it comes with a keyboard folio it's meh) but even with all the goodies lots cheaper than even a netbook was back when they were a thing.
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