New Product! 13.7 V SLA Battery Regulator

EmilyKurzeEmilyKurze Posts: 127
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This specialized regulator is designed to charge Sealed Lead-Acid (SLA) batteries. Due to its low reverse leakage it is ideal to pair up with a solar panel such as our #750-00032 for solar-powered projects. The PB137 charges the SLA at 13.7 V with a 2 V dropout voltage, which means it needs about 15.7 V at its input terminal and can provide over 1 A of current with a sufficient heat sink.

By pairing the PB137 up with a solar panel your project can be powered by the sun during the day while the SLA battery is charged. Once the sun goes down or there is insufficient light to charge the battery your project is powered from the SLA battery.

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