Can waitvid work the old way too?

RaymanRayman Posts: 10,052
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It appears to me that the P2 video generator only has DAC outputs...

So, you can't have it output the 24-bit color to 24 pins (the way P1 can output 8-bit color to 8 pins).
Is this correct?

If so, this may be a bit unfortunate for my plans to use P2 to talk to 4" or 5" lcds over 24-bit RGB interface...

But, maybe it's not too bad because with the higher MIPS, maybe can just bitbang without video generator...
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  • pedwardpedward Posts: 1,565
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    Well, it's doing R2R DAC in the FPGA, is this just a side-effect of the FPGA not having the I/O frame?
  • RaymanRayman Posts: 10,052
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    It could be useful for me if P2 would do like the FPGA is doing now. But, I think you're right and the real silicon won't have this option...

    But, like I said before, since the displays don't have very tight timing restrictions, it should be easy to do without counters or waitvids.
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  • cgraceycgracey Posts: 12,119
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    Prop2's video generator can only drive DACs now. This wasn't the original plan, but as we got into synthesis it became apparent that it would take massive design constraints to support more than one clock source for I/O pin data. Amid all the other things that had to be worked out, digital video output got shelved.
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