Spinneret and Tablet interface

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Hi, my Name is Ed, I'm new to the forum.
I've been thinking about some of the "Wave of wireless Medicine" Ideas. Does anyone have any thoughts about using a Parallax Spinneret Web Server ? Using a tablet of some type sure increases processing power and the display would be far better more cost effective than a display added to a micro controller.
My current thinking is that the Propeller (Spinneret) would collect data and post it to a web page, anyone with a browser would be able to access it. Sending data back to the propeller, local action could be taken. Another advantage would be that multiple people could easily access the data by just pulling up the Web page. ? Thoughts ?

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    The main issue is the amount of memory consumed by the server support. There are a lot of case where the spinneret is perfect, be also many where it started to get cramped for resources.

    An alternative is to use something like a Raspberry Pi instead of a spinneret. This give all the the workstation services display, number crunching, storage and network, and costs less. In the propforth project, we run a Go Language interface on the RPi (or any linux workstation) and interface to the prop with Go-channels. This gives the best of both worlds, determinism and software peripheral interfaces of the prop with the crunching power of the workstation, and all the software ion the linux side is already implemented and tested.
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