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    Perhaps a mini Expo of sorts? Who could I enlist as speakers?
  • Sorry to resurrect such an old post, but I was starting to think about how cool it would be to have a regular get-to-gether not unlike the UPE and UPENE organized in the past by Jeff Ledger. Maybe smaller and more locally oriented.

    Surely there are more people around the Charlotte Metro area besides me that use the propeller? And now with the P2 about to go “live” could be a great time to get a grass roots thing going.

    Huh? Anybody? @__red__ you still around?
  • Don't be sorry about resurrecting a thread like this. With this virus going around, we are going to have to do small local gatherings. I guess the P2 Rocklin gala will not happen for a while.

    I have relocated to Nashville so I'm in the southeast quadrant now. My brother is in NC now so I will be going to see him soon.

    I'll go through the forum membership to see members that are close. I'll send a PM later.
  • Sounds good. Maybe there's a few more people around here than I realize.
  • You could always use ZOOM for meeting if the numbers fit. Maybe NPUG, National Prop User Group. Seems everyone has gone that way or Teams during COVID. Not ignoring the rest of the world, an InPUG international user group would be cool, but timezones are a bit of a problem as the P2 presenters have found out. Of course an hour would be about max, byob and byos (snacks).
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    Huh? Anybody? @__red__ you still around?

    Maybe :smiley:

    We're going to be virtual for a while obviously - but yup - I'm down.
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