KiCad Schematic Symbols/Footprints

rwgast_logicdesignrwgast_logicdesign Posts: 1,464
edited 2012-12-10 - 13:31:57 in Propeller 1
I havent acually sat down in front of a PCB Cad program in a while. I was just using PCB Express for my schematics and made my own symbols for common parts from the parallax store including the propeller.

Anyways I need to draw a schematic fairly quickly I know how to use KiCad I was just wondering if theres a good set of schematic symbols for the propeller and other common parts like regulators used around here. It would be nice if there were also matching footprints for the board editor. I could easily draw this stuff but i need to go as quickly as possible,


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