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I've been playing around withe the DecTalk parser on the Emic 2 module.

You can make some pretty funny voice modifications.

Here is a link to a sample of the "All your base are belong to us." snippet.
robot byte "[:rate 200][:n0][:dv ap 90 pr 0] All your base are belong to us.",0

robot2 byte "[:rate 200][:n0][:dv ap 120 hr 120 pr 99 ri 80 sx 0 sm 90 hs 90] All your base are belong to us.",0


  • Can you show me the complete code to make this work on a basic stamp 2 My trouble is I see your DecTalk parser code but I do not know how to make it work.
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    @Ron, I have been waiting for someone to tinker with the old dude, can't wait to see what you have done for him.
  • Actually most of the experimenting I did with the EMIC2 was done with the board connected to my PC via a Parallax USB2SER interface - not a BS2.


    I wrote a HTML Application (.hta extension) that used vbscript and the MSCommLib.MSComm object for communicating with the serial interface.

    This what the HTML application looks like:


    This approach let me interactively play with EMIC commands without having to compile and load them into a microcontroller and also allowed larger EMIC2 files.

    The attached zip file has the EMIC_2.HTA if you're interested - it works under Windows 7 if you have if you have the VB OCX and DLL installed and licensed on your PC.

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  • I have everything to duplicate your setup except Visual Basic, going to look into getting that.

    It will be fun to tinker with EMIC2, and not be so time consuming.

    And I have needed a reason for using USB2SER interface for the first time.

    Thanks for posting Ron!
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    MikeDYur wrote: »
    I have everything to duplicate your setup except Visual Basic, going to look into getting that.

    Let me clarify a bit - there are two objects that probably won't work in the HTML application unless the license is present (supplied by VB6 being installed)

    Even though the OCX files may be present, you can't use them in vbscript unless certain registry entries are present with the license info...

    The serial port communication component and the Common Dialog component (for opening and saving files)

    Set MSComm1 = CreateObject("MSCommLib.MSComm")

    Set objDlgs = CreateObject("MSComDlg.CommonDialog") 'if licensed object

    Of course you could use some other serial port software like the propeller Parallax Serial Terminal and paste the EMIC2 commands and send, but I wanted to save and load the data.

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