Propeller Wireless Intelligent Terminal (PWIT)

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Steve Norris has described a robot remote control console (RRCC) in the March/April 2011 issue of Robot Magazine. His protoboard based design included game controllers, a TV module, LCD, keypad, and XBee. I decided to build a smaller hand-held version, by eliminating the TV capability and controllers. The attached images show PWIT with a 4x20 LCD and serial keypad. The second image shows the base with the protoboard, wired to accept Spin Studio modules, with attached SD card and XBee modules.
The power supply consists of two RCR123 lithium ion batteries.

My first application was to use PWIT to control the S2 robot, which had a XBee connected to hacker port pins 0 & 1. The attached PWIT archive includes the program which is installed on the PWIT. The S2_demo archive includes the program which is installed on the S2. It is a demo which allows the user to remotely control the motion of the S2.



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    Hi nglordi,
    Nice work. Very compact.

    I built one of Steve's (not Peter) RRCCs to control my six wheel skid steering robot rover and pan/tilt turret. The right joystick controls the rover while the left joystick controls the pan/tilt turret. I have a small LCD module mounted on the RRCC that gives me a view of where the rover is headed.
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    Very cool. I just purchsed a S2 on Parallax's Black Friday sale. I'm working on a couple of remotes for it myself.

    Do you have the S2 send back any of its data?

    I haven't looked at your code yet. I want to wait until I've finished mine before looking at yours to see how they differ. I'll also post my code once I get it working.

    Thanks for posting this.
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