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SPI Ferroelectric RAM (FRAM) — Parallax Forums

SPI Ferroelectric RAM (FRAM)

Does anyone have any P1 or P2 code for driving FRAM via SPI?


  • What type do you have? Is it Cyress, Fujitsu, etc.
  • Lapis, MR45V200A (8 pin DIP, 2Mb). About $7-8 each at Mouser.

    I finally got a driver to work, based on other SPI memory (battery-backed). I was hoping that I could find some Propeller code to work with, but ended up doing quite a bit of reading from other platforms.

    The key appears to be that you must do a write enable before a write, and that you must raise CS# after the write enable command (can't do the write enable and write in the same CS# lowering).

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