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Rules regarding selling items

VonSzarvasVonSzarvas Posts: 2,504
edited 2021-02-07 12:48 in General Discussion
Hi everyone,

This week we've seen requests from a few members needing clarification on advertising rules. Seems most efficient to share that info here.

From the general forum guide-lines:

Selling and Advertising:

All threads or posts created for the purpose of selling Parallax or non-Parallax hardware will be removed as this type of post is not allowed on the Parallax forums. Current Parallax employees or affiliates posting officially-sanctioned or endorsed Parallax Inc promotions are excused from this rule.

Please contact Parallax directly ( if you wish to request permission to sell items here.


  • It is my opinion that Parallax should seriously review the verbiage in this particular forum policy. Since the forums provides a key avenue in the publicizing of Parallax related and Propeller based products, it is unwise to block the sale of those items through the forums. I was unaware this rule existed since it is hardly enforced at all and I hope it stays that way.
  • Yeah this rule seems short sighted.

    Perhaps you should make it clear that it's the sale of products one did not make (aka selling used parallax stuff or what not) which I am sure is the reasoning behind this rule.
    I am pretty sure that you want forum members who make products using props/etc. to be able to talk about and offer them here in the forums.
  • Parallax related and Propeller based products

    I'm only a moderator and following the rules like anyone else here, but in my personal opinion you hit the nail on the head.

    I don't think there's ever been a problem with products created from Parallax sourced parts, and I think permission is always given. That's why the Customer Projects category was added when the Stuff-for-Sale category was removed a couple years ago.

    It's rather the forum being cluttered with all manner of other items for sale that is not desirable for many community members, can often be negative for Parallax who ultimately are expected to provide this forum and the resources to support official store-sold products and re-sold products, and more importantly also attracts more of the same from worldwide sellers which quickly spirals out of control.

    The forum probably see's 10% of attempted sales and spam posts, from the latest wellington boots to the oldest laptops and coffee pots. All that belongs on dedicated auction sites or customers own sites, otherwise this place can get very messy!

    Again, that's all IMO. All feedback should go to, as they will decide on what's hosted here.
  • Roy Eltham wrote: »
    it's the sale of products one did not make (aka selling used parallax stuff or what not) which I am sure is the reasoning behind this rule.
    I am pretty sure that you want forum members who make products using props/etc. to be able to talk about and offer them here in the forums.

    Exactly agree. That's how we've been interpreting the directive. General selling of new or used hardware (Parallax or otherwise) is not fair.

    But anything that meets the criteria for the Customer Projects category; stuff that's built with Parallax components and is shared in at least project form (and possibly also kit-form or ready-built as appropriate) is generally fine. Encouraged IMO. It's good to see projects!
  • Good to hear VonSzarvas! Thanks.
  • For the 12 years I've been on this forum I have seen all kinds of products begin sold by forum members but I have not seen Parallax push any particular policy in this regard. I've been contributing heavily to the forum all this time promoting the Propeller and even in supporting P2 with my time and energy, in producing boot software and artwork and documentation and a datasheet and reference designs and pcbs etc.

    Now because of recent Tachyon posts discussing and using serial LCDs I thought I'd mention that I have a limited supply that I'd make available to forum members along with a much more limited Propeller version. I've always been reticent about selling anything through the forum but after all this time since I'd also been asked I thought I'd not hold back. However I thought I posted to "General" but it looks like it somehow ended up in customer projects .... ooops!

    Parallax, I hope I'm not being singled out and I know you guys have always been easy going but would you like me to delete this thread I started? If so, what is the policy with signature links? Can we have links to products we would like to sell? What are the restrictions. None of us are trying to step on anyone's toes, it just happens because we are all crowded together mingling about in the same "room".

    The other reason I'd like to move this surplus stock is simply because I've effectively had very very little or no income for several years now, having had bad dealings and lost hugely a few times, and I'm still truly struggling and recovering from my brain cancer treatment which continues with long term effects. This is not about sympathy but while I don't care about money, maybe the money I recoup from stock can help me pay for more P2 development which I hope to continue. My apologies if I have crossed a boundary.

  • Hi Peter.... your product is built with the Parallax Propeller, and is absolutely worthy of a spot in Customer Projects. Feel free to keep your post and generous offer.
  • Just yesterday I bought a logic analyzer that was advertised for sale here in the forums. Had it not been I would not have known about it. It's test equipment that neither uses Parallax products nor competes with them, but it'll sure come in handy when debugging my Propeller projects. So I'd have to call into question the hitherto unknown policy against advertising things for sale here.

    Also, the rule is ambiguous regarding links to items for sale on eBay. Does it apply to those, too? If so, does it also apply to Chinese gizmos and other stuff not being offered by the posting forumista?

    Moreover, if someone designs a product that does not use Parallax parts but enhances the value of one of Parallax's products -- as an add-on perhaps -- should advertising that product be barred? After all, if it catches on, it might increase sales for the Parallax product it's designed to be used with.

    "Advertising" is a tricky word. It can mean promotion for the sake of ultimate profit. But it can also mean providing helpful information about something that's available elsewhere or about something the poster is offering for free.

    IMO, Parallax needs to rethink this policy -- or at least clarify what its boundaries are.

  • Phil, You have good points, and points brought up by others need to be considered. There should be a little lee way.

    I will communicate with Parallax next week to find out where they stand.

  • Also need to clarify if the ad ban includes commercial messages in one's sig line. (I think they should be permitted.)

  • I have an idea. A forum account could be created, and all of the moderators could have access to the account. If anyone wishes to advertise an item on Parallax forums, they must first message the “sales” account.
  • JDJD Posts: 567
    VonSzarvas wrote: »
    That's why the Customer Projects category was added when the Stuff-for-Sale category was removed a couple years ago.

    That is incorrect. I worked with Ken on getting Customer Projects back on the forums; it wasn't intended for sales or sales related posts, it was to allow Parallax customers to show off what they built with other builders. Personally, I think there should be an area to allow the sales of products, but until then, I believe Customer Projects should remain projects, and not products.
  • JD wrote: »
    ... I believe Customer Projects should remain projects, and not products.

    I agree; it was not my intention to suggest any old product could be posted to Customer Projects. Generally they must be actual projects involving Parallax sourced parts, with shared schematic/design/etc details. I really like the concept, and applaud your efforts for being involved in making Customer Projects happen.

    Sometimes Parallax will make an exception about for-sale items (as the rules clearly state, and life dictates I suppose), and one good example was mentioned by Phil, where a product augments a Parallax product, but does not necessarily contain Parallax sourced items. But generally anything else for sale should be put to an auction site as we have no such category for that.

    I can see some differences of opinion about that in this thread, and obviously it's hard to determine what one person accepts and another doesn't. I suppose we can never please everyone, but we'd like to try. Following Parallax's directives and keeping the rules simple seems to have worked fine thus far, and the moderators do apply leeway regularly.

    For example there was a Logic Analyzer advertised recently against regulations- but that was posted by a genuine contributor and long standing good member here, and we also thought it might be interesting for a community member, so it was left in-place until it was sold. (After that point it becomes an advert for other sellers to do the same, which is not desired by the forum owners, nor many community members). The point being, we do apply leeway and try to do that in a way which is positive for everyone here, especially our regular friends.

    In all- I'm not sure overthinking and overcomplicating the rules will help anyone, except perhaps those with excess time or the desire to ignore them, in which case any amount of ruleset would be ignored !!

    The main point of this announcement was just to bring to everyone's attention what the rules were regarding selling here. It seemed obvious that this rule had been missed by many (established members and new posters), and given the influx of sale/ad posts started over the last month or so, it seemed logical to announce the rule and fix it prominently for new members especially, rather than keep writing to everyone individually.

    As always, Parallax is very good to help customers, and anyone can contact to request special permission for sales posts here, or to suggest updates to forum policy or forum categories / etc..

    I think I can speak for @Publison when I say, we are both happy to look after whatever categories we are given to work with, and the simpler the ruleset and the more black-and-white things are (simpler and logical), the easier for us to make decisions and I think a better experience for everyone here.

    I hope this explains better some background to the announcement, but please do contact Parallax if you have any concerns or ideas. And the moderators will try our best to continue doing our best for you all.

  • logan_paul wrote: »
    what if someone need information about something and i told him to visit this site?

    Feel free to suggest this site to anyone that has a question about Parallax products and services.
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