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New Parallax Forums: Issue Report List

Courtney JacobsCourtney Jacobs Posts: 903
edited 2015-08-18 15:44 in Announcements
As you are all aware, we have had a somewhat bumpy landing into our new forums software. To make the transition easier on our community, we will be keeping a public list of known and potential bugs and issues, along with their status (in progress, or solved). There is no priority assigned to issues here, but any bug or problem considered critical to forum operation will be addressed ahead of cosmetic or preference reports.

This list is dynamic. It will be updated periodically throughout normal Parallax business hours to include new reports and display status changes to existing reports, as necessary.  If you feel that a report you made is not reflected here, please PM me. This list will not update outside of normal business hours, on weekends, or on holidays.

Reported Issues: Fixes in Progress or Under Consideration
  • Signatures show HTML tags
  • Signatures do not show apostrophes
  • Search function widens through additional keywords instead of narrowing/no advanced features
  • Mobile font is disagreeable to some users
  • Thread "sort type" defaults to votes rather than date
  • Time Zones and clock options are not available
  • #Latest & Back buttons behave oddly
  • Who's Online feature is missing/not included
  • Editing a post within several minutes of the initial post shouldn't show an "edited" notice.
  • Post editor allows excessive whitespace and sometimes inserts line-breaks where not indicated to by a user.
  • No cancel button when posting or adding a comment
  • Bookmarks feature isn't behaving as expected
  • Mobile pinch/zoom feature is missing for some users
  • Recent Discussions cannot be sorted by unread/read
  • Tags could be sorted by category, and be made searchable
  • Users request numbered posts in threads
  • Quotes need a line of whitespace under them as a default
  • Flag option for Activity spam or abusive posts
  • Old image attachments behaving oddly
  • Links missing the "http://" redirect internally
  • Some older Youtube links display improperly
Solved Reports (pre-8/3/2015)
  • Edits no longer lock after 1 hour
  • Links should now correctly connect to old material and be useable through Google
  • All forums should be visible to users
  • Activity section is showing some Private Messages (update: this was a feature confusion, not an error or bug)
  • Robotics forum is back
  • Greeting before logging in has been changed
  • Notification defaults set to "off" to prevent inbox spam
  • Body character-limit of posts increased to a 15k maximum.
Please note, although all valid reports we find will be included here (including personal
opinions), not every report will be addressed. If suggestions conflict with intentional internal decisions, then no action will be taken and the issue may either be removed from the list or moved to solved.

If you have a new bug, issue, or error to report, please create a new thread in the General category and tag it with "forum-issue".  Include as much relevant information about it as possible. As always, we welcome feedback from our users but we ask that it remain civil and constructive.


  • Courtney JacobsCourtney Jacobs Posts: 903
    edited 2015-08-04 15:06
    Solved Reports (8/3/2015):
    • Some changes to the theme have been applied
    • There is now navigation back to from the forums UI
    • Links open in a new tab/window
    • Large images should behave properly
    • BBCode support was applied, HTML support being phased out
    • Comment posts should now have a preview option
    • Link style has been slightly changed
    • Old Youtube links posted directly into the window behave differently than those posted using the BBCode Youtube button
    • Emoticons shouldn't appear in code blocks
    • Download file names should now match the actual file name
    • Android users should now be able to edit without using raw-mode
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