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I have seen that one may use a little slotted wheel from a mouse to encode the shaft of motors as a speed or position indicator.

Other than the obvious -- Do use an optical mouse.· Are there any particulars.

I really hated cleaning the litte guys before I got my optical, so I wanna chop some.

G. Herzog in Taiwan


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    Progress report.

    I took apart a mouse and removed the two 'encoder' wheels.

    They use a LED and a photo transistor to create a pulsed output.

    I found that I could salvage these also, by gently cutting up the circuit with a hacksaw.

    So now I have two encoders and two sets of LED/phototransistors that I can add to two motor shafts.

    The 'encoder' are merely slotted [noparse][[/noparse]no quadriture] so I think that they might work best with a H-bridge and matching or measureing velocities.

    What is left? I have to reverse enginner the photo-transistors and LEDs (these are the very tiny kind of LEDs) to figure out how to power them.

    All in all it seems very sucessful.

    G. Herzog in Taiwan

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