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I2C example needed. — Parallax Forums

I2C example needed.

Has anyone got a simple TAQOZ ROM or extended, example of driving an I2C I/O expander, which uses the PDC 8574A to drive an LCD assembly? Either not finding enough information to key the I2C lines or just being visually challenged on this one. Thanks,


  • Hi,
    There is some code for a rtc chip in the extend.Fth source file, I think.
    Good luck Christof

  • MaciekMaciek Posts: 538
    edited 2021-10-01 19:16

    I'm not sure if it is something Frank needs. Unless you're pushing him on the right path to write his own driver.

    I read his inquiry as if anyone has a working, ready to share and implement, TAQOZ driver for that port expander. Anyway, if there is one already, and I'm not saying there is as I haven't checked, I'd look for it in the Peter's archives under his signature. That's the best bet.

    Incidentally, that would be something I could use too so if there isn't one ....FORTH to the rescue along with the datasheet for that chip, but it will surely take me some time as I am not too literate with TAQOZ yet.

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