Instructions on ActivityBot 360's "Software and Programming" page should be updated

Hi there, I've recently had the privilege of receiving the ActivityBot 360 kit as a product sample as I prepare for a "Back to School" program next year (traveling to different schools to talk about steam education).

But as I was starting to play with the kit, and following the online Propeller C tutorials, I realized it wasn't put anywhere clearly that the ActivityBot 360 related library files have to be selected from the community branch of the Simple Libraries repository.

I think most people would naturally assume that the ActivityBot 360's library files will also be included as part of the master branch when they download it.

It would, however, make more sense if the ActivityBot 360's related files are added to the master folder. That's just what I think.

Did any of you guys face similar issues when you first started working with the ActivityBot 360?


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