Boe-Bot Servo Wheels won't move

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Hi, I have a Boe-Bot that wheels keep budging: you can feel the pulses, but it only moves a little bit or nothing at all and needs external help to get it running at the normal speed. This also happens when the wheels change course (turning from counterclockwise to clockwise.)

I'm powering the microcontroller with a new 9V battery, and my battery pack for my servos has 6.3 Volts (non-rechargeable batteries)
I'm using a Basic Stamp HW Board USB, Rev A from with a Boe-Bot parts kit also bought online.

Any advice? Thanks in advance.


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    My 9V battery is at around 8.5 V, and my battery pack has 6.3 Volts, but even when everything is fully charged, it does not work normally.

    Are you trying to power the robot from a 9V battery?

    What battery pack has 6.3V?

    9V batteries are for smoke detectors not robots. You need a good battery pack. Four (or better yet five) NiMH AA cells is a good battery pack for a BOE-Bot.

    A 9V battery just can't supply the current needed by servos. When a battery can't supply the required current, it causes the battery to drop in voltage while under load.
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