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Lazarus port of PX

evanhevanh Posts: 13,383
edited 2016-04-09 04:33 in Propeller 2
Starting from Chip's mid November source code of PX.exe, posted here - - I've ported it to the Lazarus+FreePascal development platform.

Changes include:
- Automatic translations by Lazarus's Delphi import wizard.
- Minimal replacement of the comms code with calls to an off-the-shelf cross-platform unit - SynaSer.
- Widening of command line parsing to allow a greater selection of comport naming and also unix style path formatting.

Note: It's got a slightly annoying bug in that the SynaSer Connect() procedure lacks a return code and has many failure cases within that can seemingly only be managed via exception trapping. Without those exceptions enabled, if a comport opening failure occurs, then the subsequent transmit code errors out instead; which is not an accurate representation of what went wrong.

Note2: Just adding link to initial commentary -
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