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Robotics with the Boe-Bot v3.0 – More Light Sensing Activities

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Chapter 6: Light-Sensitive Navigation with Phototransistors
Supplementary Activities (#7 through #11)

Activity #7...#9 (Download

Optional Activity #7, #8, and #9 chronicle some of the development and tests that went into Light_Shade_Info and its nested subroutines. These optional activities also examine how each subroutine contributes to completing the four jobs listed above. Activity #7 takes a closer look at normalized, differential measurements from the standpoint of why it’s useful and how the code accomplishes it. Activity #8 examines how automatic light sensitivity works when Light_Shade_Info is called repeatedly, and Activity #9 explains how Light_Shade_Info extracts a number that indicates overall light level.

- Activity #7: Normalized Light/Shade Measurements
- Activity #8: Inside Automatic Light Sensitivity Adjustment
- Activity #9: Understanding Light Variable Calculations
- PBASIC code examples for all three activities

Coming soon:
- Activity #10: Testing Phototransistor Mismatch
- Activity #11: Correcting Phototransistor Mismatch

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