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Thread: wz/if_z not doing what I expect

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    Default wz/if_z not doing what I expect

    Given this code:
                  mov test_reg, test_value          wz
            if_z  mov wait_time, long_wait_time
    long_wait_time          long    $C000000
    short_wait_time         long    $A00000
    wait_time               res     4    
    wait_reg                res     4
    test_value              long    $FFFF_FFFF
    test_reg                res     4

    The line that begins with "if_z" shouldn't execute, right? When I run the code, it does. The complete program is attached. if I replace "test_value" in the excerpt above with "#1", the line that begins with "if_z" (as expected) doesn't execute.

    What I think is happening is that the mov statement above moves the value $FFFF_FFFF into test_reg. Where am I going wrong?

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