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    playing around a bit here, I have experimented with the idea of using photodiodes as a gyro.· Now I know that gyro's· are common in heli's, but I want to use use one in a project that really I would perfer to·"put down the shovel and·back away from the hole".

    Heres the idea·take a series of photodiodes with a·light source spinning in the middle·which is sensitive to gravity and make the·diodes·sent·information·about the·position of the (craft) to the·STAMP, using the·IF THEN command to tell the servos(2 lots of·pairs)·to adjust their position and correct the dis-position·of the·project which can be·very costly, I·know I done it many times mainly at low level flight.

    the program runs well apart from tilting in winds hence the use of the gyro to correct the project in flight, any ideas would help greatly.

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