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Thread: New Parallax Hire: Beau Schwabe

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    Default New Parallax Hire: Beau Schwabe

    Hello customers and friends,

    One of our long-term customers has been hired as a full-time employee·for Parallax. Most recently, Beau Schwabe·worked as a Mask Designer for National Semiconductor. He's been·a Parallax customer as long as I can remember - maybe even back·when we released of our first BASIC Stamp. Users of this forum (and our prior e-Groups, YahooGroups and BBS systems) have probably communicated with Beau.

    Beau will be working on an R&D project for Parallax, but from his current residence in Georgia.

    Welcome Beau! You can change your signature now!

    Ken Gracey
    Parallax, Inc.

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