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    Hi guys, I'm new to the microcontroller scene, having just found out about and picked up my SX28AC development kit last Friday. I'm trying to build a frequency counter for production, and when the user calibrates the device, I need to store a 2-Byte number. This is all I need to store, and it needs to be persistant across power cycles -- obviously no one wants to recalibrate every time they turn the device on. Is there any way to do this without adding an EEPROM? That seems like massive overkill for my modest needs. Thanks a lot for any input!

    It's possible I could save this calibration setting·by reading the resistance that the user set with a trimmer, but I'd rather do it digitally, and haven't read that far in the 'Beginner's programming the SX' manual yet. All I know how to do is detect a threshold voltage, not full A/D conversion.
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