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Thread: Parallax - Special on WAM? Kits / Upcoming Summer Special

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    We are clearing out our inventory of What's a Microcontroller? v1.9
    Kits. Due to the limited quantities available and the low pricing,
    we're expecting the kits to be sold out within 1 week.

    *Special Note: Please be aware that we will be offering a summer special
    for the new WAM? V2.0 text and parts kit along with (1) HomeWork Board.
    So if you're interested in getting the HWB (Breadboard version) and new
    WAM? Parts and text, you may want to wait for the August Summer Special.
    For more details check out the soon to be released August issue of Nuts
    and Volts.

    Description Was Now Savings
    WAM? Text v1.9 #28122 $29 $11.97 $17.03
    WAM? Parts Kit based on v1.9 #28123 $39 $24.97 $14.03
    WAM? Parts and Text v1.9 #28152 $65 $36.97 $28.03

    All 3 kits may be ordered from Bump's Basement at this link -

    We're currently working on a comparison page for WAM? v1.9 vs. WAM?
    V2.0. It will be available by Friday morning.

    Best Regards,

    Erik Wood
    Parallax, Inc.
    599 Menlo Dr., Suite #100
    Rocklin, CA 95765
    (916) 624-8003 Fax
    (888) 512-1024 Sales

    Check out our BASIC Stamp Courses!
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