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Thread: $10K Interactive Robot Head

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    Default $10K Interactive Robot Head

    I may be getting involved in helping to build an interactive robot character for a local non-profit animal advocacy program. The project coordinator sent me this link with info on the head: http://www.flash.iiar.pwr.edu.pl/ind.../features-emys It's out of Wroclaw. Let the Polish robot jokes commence!

    The head sells for ~$10K (actually 10K Euros) unprogrammed. http://www.flash.iiar.pwr.edu.pl/index.php/purchase

    Photos on that site show it on a few different bodies/bases, including a balancing Segway-style base. Sure hope it doesn't fall over and smash a $10K head.Their plan is to run it off of a Mac Mini and onboard batteries. I haven't seen it yet, just in talks with the project coordinator, my part would be to build/sculpt a body and mobile base. They are thinking a turtle body.

    Nothing definite, I just thought the head might be of interest to inspire to building and/or selling something for $10K

    Edit: This post about a "follow me" robot was in reference to this project: http://forums.parallax.com/showthrea...96#post1311196
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