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Thread: softRTC maybe a problem?

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    Default softRTC maybe a problem?

    I had this same exact program that use to run, or keep time fairly well, back before simpletools was created. Now I ran this program on my ActivityBot and my PropBOE board, the results are the same, in a ten minute run of the program it looses about six minutes. I wonder if somebody else could try this and see if they are getting the same or similar results. This was done in simple view, I added <time.h> and <sys/rtc.h>, maybe the experts can look at it and see if there are some glaring mistakes.

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    Default Re: softRTC maybe a problem?

    You are missing some code.


     _rtc_start_timekeeping_cog(); // <---- important.
      print("This is softRTC\n");
      print("help - for menu\n");

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    Default Re: softRTC maybe a problem?

    Thanks jazzed. It was not just a senior moment, it was a senior episode... Anyway, now the program is working as expected, which also explains why I might be having problems with the other program.


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    Default Re: softRTC maybe a problem?

    Moved from Learn to Propeller GCC.

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