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Thread: Parallax Summer Hangout - 2013

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    Default Parallax Summer Hangout - 2013

    Don’t wait for the doldrums of summer. Come join your fellow inventers, engineers, tinkerers, makers and artists at the Parallax Summer Hangouts!!

    Do you have an unfinished project?

    Have you made something you would like to share?

    Do you need help with a current activity?

    Or maybe you just like to mingle with likeminded people?

    Whatever you're preference; we will have a place for you at the Parallax Summer Hangouts!

    What to bring

    Bring yourself, your friends, and anything you are working on, even if it's just a concept. Whatever you're into, we want you to bring it with you. We would love to see what people are doing or not doing!


    Parallax Inc.
    599 Menlo Drive
    Rocklin, CA 95765


    Our first event will be Thursday June 27th @ 6pm - 8pm; (doors open @ 5:30pm).

    Summer Schedule and Sign-up:


    Will there be AC?

    - Yes, we will keep it nice and cool.

    Will there be food and drink?

    - Yes, snacks and drinks for everyone!

    Will there be freebies?

    - Yes, items that “Mad Max” himself would kill for!

    Does it cost anything?

    - Just the cost to get here.

    Can I purchase product?

    - Yes, you will be able to buy any Parallax in stock products.

    Who do I talk to for more questions?

    - Please contact, Kevin Cook via email; kcook@parallax.com for any questions regarding the Summer Hangouts.

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    Default Re: Parallax Summer Hangout - 2013

    Hey Kevin, what's on the agenda tomorrow?
    Andrew Williams
    WBA Consulting

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    Default Re: Parallax Summer Hangout - 2013

    Hey Andy!

    For the most part it will be just a normal "Hangout" with people and their projects. Steve Denson was going to come and talk about the C programming on the Propeller but, it looks like he will not make it.

    If you have anything you're working on, be sure to bring it over!

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