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    Default test poll

    this is a test poll
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    Default Re: test poll

    ..as opposed to a test pole

    ... Rick

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    Default Re: test poll

    Or a Tass poll:
    Do you like Vladimir Putin? (Check one.)
    [ ] Yes

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    Default Re: test poll

    I chose the null response.

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    Default Re: test poll

    From: http://www.patents.com/us-5051919.html

    Testing of poles

    The residual strength of electricity poles is determined by the deflection of the poles under a pre-determined applied load. The load is applied by an extensible ram which has a foot secured to the base of the pole by a chain and a head plate with teeth which engages the sides of the poles. A preset hydraulic pressure is applied to the ram by a manual pump and the deflection if measured by strain gauges mounted on a support frame. The load deflection data are fed to a programmed computer which calculates the residual strength.

    See also http://www.poletestandtreat.com

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    When this particular athlete feels the pressure of competition, she's a testy Pole using a pole to get over a pole.

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