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Thread: Boe-Bot Wheels

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    Our Boe-Bot is not going forward. We've tried everything we could think of and nothing works. It only goes in a continuous circle. Help!!

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    Are both servos turning or only one? If only one then check to make sure the servo that isn't turning is plugged into the right header with the same orientation.

    If both are turning did you center the servos properly? If not then one could be turning much slower which will make it go in a circle.

    Also post your code as there might be a bug.

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    Since the wheels/servos are facing opposite directions, you need one servo to have a pulse longer than a stop pulse (I think pulseout(750) is stop) and the other servo to have a shorter pulse than a stop pulse.

    Try PULSEOUT(850) for one servo and PULSEOUT(650) for the other.

    I haven't use a Basic Stamp in a long time so I'm not sure if you commands are correct.

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