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Thread: Ebay ER-1: $310 shipped

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    Default Ebay ER-1: $310 shipped


    Own a piece of history???!!! By Evolution Robotics, circa ~2004-5.

    Somebody nab this, please ... before erco goes mad and converts ER-1 to ERCO-1.


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    Default Re: Ebay ER-1: $310 shipped

    It looks like a new "high tech" stroller for the twins......an honest mistake for an over enthusiastic dad!

    The ERCO-1....has a nice ring to it!

    ... Rick

    I've stopped using programming languages with Garbage Collection, they keep deleting my source code!!

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    Default Re: Ebay ER-1: $310 shipped

    I got it, thanks erco!

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    Default Re: Ebay ER-1: $310 shipped

    No, thank YOU Roy. Now I'm sure it went to an excellent home, plus I can point my man Roy out to the wife as a worse Robo-hoarder than me. I'm off the hook!

    Maybe we can compare our robot collections over lunch next Sunday in Oceanside at the Parallax Robotics Southwest Summit...!

    Hero 2000. Got it.
    Gemini. Need it.
    HERO 1. Got it.
    ER-1. Need it.
    Cye. Got it.
    Every possible Tomy Robot. Got it.
    Every possible WowWee robot. Got it.
    To be continued...

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    Default Re: Ebay ER-1: $310 shipped

    Your robot collection beats mine. Mine are mostly parallax kits, or custom stuff from random places. I do have a number of R2-D2 toys/bots. He's my favorite.
    I would love to have a HERO 1 and Hero 2000, but I've missed the good deals on them.


    p.s. I'm still not certain I can make next Sunday, but I would like to. I'll try to let you know ASAP.

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    Default Re: Ebay ER-1: $310 shipped

    My ER-1 arrived this morning. It's pretty awesome. Made me late for work as I was checking it out.

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