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Thread: SX Stuff [ALL GONE]

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    Default SX Stuff [ALL GONE]

    'Need to clean shop (just a little) and came across some SX Stuff, some of which was never used, and all of which I have no further use for. Here's a photo:

    From the upper left, going clockwise:
    A. SX Proto Board w/ SX48 TAKEN
    B. SX Proto Board w/ SX48 TAKEN
    C. SX52 Con Carne module TAKEN
    D. SX Tech board w/ SX28 DIP TAKEN
    E. SX52 Con Carne module and CDROM (unopened) TAKEN
    Here are the rules:
    1. One item per person and per destination address. (Gotta spread that SX joy!)
    2. U.S. destinations only -- no exceptions. (No charge for shipping.)
    3. Make your selection (letter A, B, C, D, or E) by posting in this thread.
    4. First selection for an item gets it.
    5. If you're first to choose an item, email me with your U.S. postal address.
    Okay? 3...2...1...Go!

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    Default Re: SX Stuff

    Phil, I'd like the E. SX52 Con Carne module and CDROM (unopened) please. I'd be happy to send something in trade that I may have extras of that you may want. Any wishes?


    or perhaps I can send Brower something. Does he need flea meds or anything?
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    Default Re: SX Stuff

    Hey Paul,

    Nah. 'Don't need anything, except more space and less stuff. And Browser still has a spare box of unreconstituted Amoxy Drops in the fridge, in case he gets into a fight at 5 p.m. on a Friday (his preferred time for begging to differ with the neighbor cat). But thanks for offering! Just email me your postal address, and the prize behind curtain E is yours!


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    Default Re: SX Stuff


    The prize behind curtain D is yours. Email me your postal address, and I'll get it right out.


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    Default Re: SX Stuff

    C please! Pretty please!
    When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. -- HST

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    Default Re: SX Stuff

    Zoot, you got it. Just email me your postal address, and it'll be on its way. (My email address is in my profile.)


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    Default Re: SX Stuff

    If there's anything left I'd like to claim an SX proto board with the sx48.

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    Default Re: SX Stuff

    if you have an sx 48 left, I would be interested.



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    Default Re: SX Stuff

    Chet and 4x5n,

    Each of you gets an SX Proto Board. email me your postal addresses and they'll be on the way.


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    Smile Re: SX Stuff

    Quote Originally Posted by Phil Pilgrim (PhiPi) View Post

    The prize behind curtain D is yours. Email me your postal address, and I'll get it right out.

    Dear Santa,

    Thank you for the early gift, it arrived safely.



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    Default Re: SX Stuff

    Phil - mine came in today as well. Thank you so much!

    Some times my mind seems to wander..... these days I just tag along.

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    Default Re: SX Stuff

    If you still have one of those SX boards, I'd like one. I have 2 TCA6424ARGJR that I can't use if you want them for exchange.

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    Default Re: SX Stuff


    Assuming I get an email from Chet with his address, they're all gone. But I haven't heard from him. If I don't soon, I may put the board back up for grabs.


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    Default Re: SX Stuff

    it's alright, give him a day or two, he might not log on every day

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    Default Re: SX Stuff

    PM'ed my mailing address. Thanks for your generosity


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    Default Re: SX Stuff

    I got the board and am amazed at how fast it arrived. Thanks for the board I'll be sure to put it to good use!

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