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    Default Index Test

    Rich's Parallax and Savage Circuits Search

    I don't like relying on my "Favorites" to find threads here on the forum.

    I'm making an index of threads, I frequently link to or use, here.

    Thanks to Humanoido for the idea of using a Test Forum post as an index.

    This first post with be an index to the index.

    Post #2: Personal Projects Index
    Post #3: FAQ
    Post #4: Machine Vision, Video Overlay, Fonts
    Post #5: Miscellaneous and Unsorted Posts Including:
    Tools for Prop Programming
    Prop to Prop Communication
    Prop Lab Equipment
    Air Quality
    Auto Pilot
    Display Drivers
    Sound with the Propeller
    Electronics Information
    Best Practices
    Prop Plug with Enclosure Ideas
    DIY Prop Plug
    Medical Links
    Pulse Oximetry
    Post #6: AVR Stuff
    Post #7: Displays
    Post #8: Boards of Interest
    Post #9: Items of Interest
    Post #10: Servo Info., Say It Info. and Quadcopter Information.
    Post #11: E-Books
    Post #12: Robots and Robot Controllers Index

    (Updated: 6/4/14) Ten Nordic Modules for $10.08 on ebay
    (6/4/14) I try to keep the link above set to an active seller. These sellers frequently change what they are selling and the above link will likely be out of date soon. A quick search on ebay for "nRF24L01+" will bring up the active pages selling these transceivers. There is likely a better price for these somewhere on ebay. I didn't look very long for the best deal.
    I have not purchased transceiver from the seller I linked to above. I have on occasion received a transceiver that didn't work. If you're going to buy some of these, I'd suggest getting at least three modules in case one of the module is DOA.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Schematic_Basic.JPG
Views:	1811
Size:	29.0 KB
ID:	103215Click image for larger version

Name:	Schematic_PCB.JPG
Views:	1148
Size:	60.9 KB
ID:	103214

    (8/6/13) Added eBay Nordic module schematic and PCB layout.
    (8/18/13) Here's a datasheet to the Nordic nRF24L01+ chip. (Datasheet hosted on SparkFun's server.)
    (8/18/13) My Propeller driver for these modules (new driver coming soon).
    (8/18/13) Ron Czapala's driver for BS2.

    (2/14/13) I'm now including dates of when a link is added. Hopefully this will make it easier for forum members to find new links.
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    Default Re: Index Test

    Projects by Duane Degn

    Personal Blog
    (Only three posts as of 8th of November 2011)

    Omni Wheeled Plywood Base Bot (in Retrobot thread)
    Mecanum Wheeled Robot with Machine Vision (Video)
    The above includes my LED array
    __Same Robot on Lets Make Robots
    Stack of 23K256 SRAM chips with 8-bit bus
    QuickStart Roomba
    QuickStart Demos and Projects
    Modifications to Tim Moore's four port serial object
    __Improved version by Tracy Allen (Use this object when you want flow control or more than one port.)
    ____OBEX Version (fullDuplexSerial4port)
    Lab data logging
    Nordic nRF24L01+ driver
    _Mark_T's Audio Streaming Object
    Panic Buttons
    Say It bridge program for Propeller
    Relay powered cell phone dialer
    Buffered 4x4 Keypad Object (I don't really trust this object)
    Wearable Keypad Object
    Serial port merger
    Universe Remote (Using Rayman's PTP, just a picture)
    QuickStart Servo Tester (Video)
    Scribbler 2 Enhanced Obstacle Avoidance (Video)*
    LED Flasher
    Serial Barcode Reader
    Propeller Driving 32 Servos (Video)
    6-Digit 6.5" 7-Segment Display (Clock) (Video)
    Popsicle Stick Hexapod (Video)
    AS5055 Magnetic Encoders (now with software) (Video)
    **Encoder PCB Designs
    ****(11/3/13) Mounting Encoder Inside Servo
    **Encoder with Prop and Sigma-Delta
    PropBOE Bot (Video)
    **(11/3/13) Record and Playback of Path
    Hexapod Build
    PlayStation 2 With Analog Buttons
    Pulse Oximeter Attempt (Video (poor quality))
    Simple 74HC165 Object
    8x8 RGB LED Array (Video)
    Receive Six RC RX Signals on Any Pins (I only programmed the "any pins" part)
    Polymorph Tutorial (Video)
    (2/14/13)Rover 5 Thread *
    __Same Robot on Lets Make Robots
    (2/25/13)Spark Fun (Fun with a Spark Gap Igniter)
    (2/27/13)CheapBot (an Inexpensive BSA Robotics Merit Badge Bot)
    (8/1/13) Mood Enhancing LEDs
    (8/23/13) Using Variable Acceleration in Motion Algorithm
    (10/16/13) NeoPixel Rings (WS2812/WS2811)
    (10/16/13) Vex Tank Treads / Treaded Robot Idea
    (11/2/13) Robot Remote
    (11/3/13) P5587 Optical Encoders Inside a Servo
    (11/18/13) Quadrature Encoders for the ActivityBot
    (11/18/13) Search For an Avatar
    (12/24/13) Investigating Stack Space
    (12/28/13) Quadrature Encoder Software with PWM Included (4-channel and 2-channel)
    (12/29/13) Power/Data Transfer Rings
    (12/29/13) Object to Control LED Arrays with MAX7219
    __Related Thread about Cheap 8x8 Arrays
    (1/09/14) CNC Controller (just some starting questions)
    (3/11/14) Piezo Speaker Music
    (4/18/14) MFRC522 RFID Reader
    (5/12/14) HMC5883L Compass Object with Demo
    (10/3/14) Halloween Hex
    (12/9/14)PING))) Object with Temperature Compensation
    (12/9/14)Open Propeller Project #8 Eddie Firmware
    (12/9/14)Nona Prop (Nine Propeller on One PCB)
    (1/12/15)Object to Test SF02 Serial Interface
    (1/12/15)Open Propeller Project #4 ESC Programmer
    *Listed in other places in the index.
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    Default Re: Index Test

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I learn to program the Propeller chip?

    Propeller Education Kit (Also in "Help" menu of Propeller Tool)
    This is probably the best place to start. Mostly Spin.

    Propeller Resource Index (This is a stickie in the Propeller Forum.)
    A lot of the the links in above index are also listed here.

    This is another good place to start learning about programming the Propeller in Spin. These tutorials use the Propeller Board of Education.

    Propeller Manual v1.0 (older version)
    The older version of the manual include a section on learning to use Spin. This is the way I learned Spin.

    Propeller AppNotes Lots of great information. Make sure and take a look a them. Spin and PASM.
    (6/16/14) AN001 Propeller P8X23A Counters
    (6/16/14) AN002 Real-time GPS Data Reception and Parsing
    (6/16/14) AN003 Implementing Abstract Data Structures with Spin Objects
    (6/16/14) AN004 GUI & Graphics Series – Getting Started with VGA and Terminal Output
    (6/16/14) AN005 GUI & Graphics Series – Simple VGA Menus
    (6/16/14) AN006 FAT16-FAT32 Full File System Driver Documentation
    (6/16/14) AN007 Soft-loading an Application Image into the Propeller P8X32A via XBee Transceivers
    (6/16/14) AN008 Sigma-delta Analog to Digital Conversion
    (6/16/14) AN009 Code Execution Time on the P8X32A
    (6/17/14) AN010 Low-cost Bidirectional Mixed-voltage Interfacing
    (6/17/14) AN011 Simple Multicore Template for the Propeller P8X32A
    (6/17/14) AN012 Interfacing the Propeller to External SRAM with SPI
    (6/17/14) AN013 GUI & Graphics Series – Menus and Messaging with the Propeller Window Manager Framework
    (6/17/14) AN014 Coroutines in Propeller Assembly Language
    (6/17/14) AN015 Creating Schmitt-Triggered Inputs on the P8X32A Propeller Microcontroller
    (6/17/14) AN018 Communication with a PC Application
    (6/17/14) AN019 Measuring Stack Space for Parallel Processes

    The Spin Zone: Adventures in Propeller Programming
    Nuts & Volts articles by Jon Williams (JonnyMac) I finally figured out how to program with PASM from these.
    (These also include lots of good information about programming in Spin.)

    Programming and Customizing the Muticore Propeller Microcontroller
    Not really an absolute beginner's book, but lots of good stuff. (Mostly Spin IIRC.)

    (10/30/14) Jeff Ledger's Propeller Cookbook (Spin)

    deSilva's Tutorial
    This a good one for learning PASM. Potatohead's tutorial is also here.

    Graham Stabler's Tutorials PASM
    I personally haven't read these but they are recommended by others and Graham is a smart guy so they should be good.

    The Hydra Book (Direct link to pdf (warning large file).)
    This is a great book. It has lot of information about the Propeller video capabilities.

    Propeller Wiki
    Both Spin and PASM information.

    Propeller Downloads
    Both Spin and PASM information.

    (1/12/14) PASM 101 - Manipulation Input and Output Pins
    Tutorial by MJHanagan (A very useful guide dealing with controlling pin states with PASM.)

    How do I use a SD card with the Propeller?
    (3/26/14) Simple example of using uSD card with PropBOE

    How can I tell if my EEPROM is 32K or 64K?

    Use the program attached to post #24 in this thread.
    More explaination.

    (8/25/13) What EEPROM chips will work with the Propeller (booting from EEPROM)?

    The datasheet for EEPROM chips apply to both surface mount parts and DIP packages.
    32K EEPROM (link to datasheet)
    64K EEPROM (link to datasheet)
    128K EEPROM (no link yet)
    Apparently there are several different 128K EEPROM chips which may be used with the Propeller. The upper 64K of the 128K EEPROM chips are accessed differently depending on the specific chip's protocol. Mike Green discusses this a bit in this post.

    (1/9/14) Is there an ANDN equivalent in Spin?

    How can I interface the Prop with a file on my computer?

    Use Phil's program to read a write to Windows cvs files.
    Also see AppNote #AN018.

    How do I learn to build a robot?

    Robotics with the Boe-Bot (Link to the book is near the bottom of the page, under "Downloads & Resources")
    I like this book but I'm not a fan of Basic Stamps (Propeller are so much better).
    The book still teach a lot about electronics which may be applied to a robot controlled by a Propeller chip.
    If you need help converting any of the lessons to use with a Propeller, just ask on the Propeller Forum.
    I understand Parallax is working on a Prop-Bot. I look forward to it.

    Gordon McComb's Robot Builder's Bonanza 4th Ed.
    Robot Forum
    The Robot Forum is also a good place to learn about robots.

    (3/11/13) Another great resource is the Society of Robots.
    (3/18/13) Great robotics video found on LMR.
    (3/18/13) If you haven't seen Let's Make Robots, go there!

    What are the requirements for the Boy Scouts of America Robotics Merit Badge?

    Merit Badge Wiki

    Forum Questions

    How do I post code in the forum?

    How do I add large inline pictures?

    My method in post #15
    Phil's method in post #7

    How do I make a word or words a hyperlink?

    My tutorial

    (6/29/14) How do I get the Parallax corporate discount at Rocklin StayBridge Hotel?

    (6/29/14) Ken's post on the topic


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    Default Re: Index Test

    Machine Vision

    Hanno's tutorial on machine vision
    _SteveWoodrough's line follower using Hanno's method
    _My example of using Hanno's method (also listed on post #2)
    Gareth's "Halo" laser with Wii-mote project
    Gareth's Wii-mote LIDAR
    Phil's NTSC B&W capture
    Phil's NTSC color capture
    Phil's color imaging with line scan sensor
    Using Parallax's Laser Range Finder as a camera
    CMUcam4(forum discussion)
    CMUcam4 for sale at SparkFun
    (3/18/13)CMUcam4 GUI for PC
    (3/20/13)Laser Range Finder Thread (About speeding up sample rate.)
    (8/23/13) Another thread about speeding up sample rate.
    (8/17/14) PropCAM Product Page
    (8/17/14) PropCAM Image Processing Thread

    Video Overlay

    Propeller Backpack Custom Character Overlay


    (2/20/13) Reduced Size Propeller Font

    Robot Navigation
    (Not all navigation related links are here. Also check in post #5.)

    (1/12/14) Laser Triangulation

    (8/22/14) Distance Measurements

    (8/22/14) Laser Range Finders

    (8/22/14) Parallax's Laser Range Finder Product Page (designed by Joe Grand)
    (There are additional links to the LRF elsewhere in the index.)

    (8/22/14) SF02 Laser Rangefinder Product Page
    (8/22/14) Ken Gracey's C Code for the SF02
    (8/22/14) prof_braino's discussion of the SF02 (before it was carried in the Parallax store)
    (8/22/14) Parallax Has a New Toy (started by idbruce)
    (8/22/14) Original thread by Laser Developer about creating the rangefinder.

    placeholder (otherwise the above link will merge with the next entry)
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    Default Re: Index Test

    Miscellaneous Indices

    Tool for Prop Programming


    Using eBay USB to Serial Boards as a Prop Plug

    Cheap Prop Plug Alternative

    Prop OS

    (3/20/13)Cluso99's OS

    Prop to Prop communication



    Prop Lab Equipment

    Poor Man's Oscilloscope
    Beau's TV Oscilloscope
    (9/22/13) Ahle2's Signal Generator



    Thermal Imaging

    Phil's Prop Thermal Imager

    Air Quality

    Chris Nafis Compares Two Particle Counters
    Radon Detector Hack


    Graham Stabler's Magnetic Encoder Object
    My AS5055 Project (Including Object)
    (4/13/13)Quadrature Encoder Tip/Walk Through at LMR
    (9/29/13) Encoder Noise Picked up by Counters
    (11/8/13) erco's P5587 Optical Encoders
    (11/8/13) Phil's Refrigerator Magnet Encoder


    (8/23/13) Don Starkey's CNC Object (forum discussion)
    (9/10/13) TV and VGA for CNC Terminal
    (4/15/14) Stepper Question
    (4/15/14) Step Direction Generator
    (4/15/14) Why Parallel


    PWM With or Without Counters?

    Hard Drive Motor Control




    Martin_H's Wireless Programming Propellers with Wixel


    Ron Czapala's BS2 Code for Nordic nRF24L01+ Modules

    Recover a Bricked XBee

    OpenBeacon (uses nRF24L01+ transceiver)


    Javalin's Fix to W5100_Indirect_Driver.spin

    Mike G's Spinneret Manual


    Andrew Williams' Propeller Based Handheld GPS with Full Code
    Paul_H's Propeller GPS Datalogger
    Chris Savage's BS2 GPS Datalogger
    (5/30/13) Ragtop's GPS Logger

    Auto Pilot Stuff




    Display Drivers

    Propeller Backpack Custom Character Overlay

    (2/20/13)HDTV Format Information

    Sound with the Propeller
    (7/25/13) Clock Loop's BlackBox (with digital audio SPDIF)
    SIDcog - The sound of the Commodore 64 ! (forum)
    Phil's Simple Class D Speaker Amp Using a MOSFET Driver
    Phil's Who needs a speaker amplifier when you have a spare H-bridge?
    Tracy Allen's Search for Loud but Small, Thin Audio Speaker
    C3 Audio Concerns I
    C3 Audio Concerns II
    Veho 360 speaker
    Phil's Audio Frequency Shifter
    (11/11/13) Kye's Wave Player V2 (forum)
    __(2/22/14) OBEX
    (1/14/14) Tracy Allen takes apart a Veho 360
    (5/3/14) Propeller Audio Links at Propeller Powered

    FTDI Reset Issue


    (3/20/13)Kye's wav Recorder (OBEX)
    (3/20/13)Kye's wav Player (OBEX)
    (3/20/13)Phil's Goertzel Object with CTMF Decoding
    (3/20/13)Color Organ Thread
    (11/7/13) Retronitus


    (3/20/13)Shared Echo Pins of Multiple Sensors


    List of Enclosure Websites


    (3/20/13)Mold Making Smooth-On (I haven't used them myself.)


    Some Discussion about NiMH Charging

    Prop on Single LiPo?


    Making your own PCBs and links to pro sites

    (link fixed 6/14/13) Iteads Studio 4-Layer Service 5cm x 5cm

    OSH Park
    Why Parallax switched from Eagle to DipTrace
    (10/4/13) OSH Stencils

    (11/9/13) PCB Component Models for DipTrace


    (6/14/13) TonyP's Toaster Oven

    Electronics Information

    Driving Motors with Transistors (off site)

    Best Practices

    NASA Workmanship Standards
    NASA Perferred Practices for Design and Test







    Prop Plug with Enclosure Ideas
    Panel Mount Header?

    With Metal Enclosure Ideas
    Sliding Drill Press Vice to help Cut Holes

    Display Pseudo Real
    F32 in OBEX

    uM-FPU64 64-Bit Coprocessor

    (3/20/13)Math Section of Propeller Wiki(11/24/14) Subscription Expired (dead link)
    (4/22/14)Phil's and Tracy's techniques For Using Multiply High
    (11/24/14)Bean's Signed Multiply and Divide in PASM
    (11/24/14)Phil's Computing Running Median Code (Basic Stamp)


    (3/20/13)Sensirion SHT1x & SHT7x Integer Math Object

    (12/8/13) Home Automation

    Theads I want to reply to sometime


    (9/26/13) Complementary-filter-equation

    Reply soon

    (9/26/13) Got-Dynamixels?
    (11/10/13) Toddler
    (11/10/13) Amazing Spin
    (11/10/13) Chinese Dropout
    (11/10/13) Quadrature Encoders
    (11/10/13) S2 Radio-Controlled
    (11/10/13) EasyVR Question

    Logitech Joystick Hack
    Trace Antenna
    Propeller Logo Vector Format
    What's Next?
    Two-Buck Ultrasound
    D.A,I,R. Better
    USB Power to QS
    Constant Q Spectrum Analyzer
    Robot Servos
    NeoPixel Ring
    eBay Lasers
    ScanLime's Laser Scanner
    (8/20/13) Newport Linear Stage

    DIY Prop Plug

    Medical Links

    Pulse Oximetry
    TI Site
    Ohio State DIY Pulse Oximeter
    Freescale AppNote
    What you should know about LEDs and PDs
    Ken's Request for SpO2 Code
    Test Photodiode
    LMR Pulse Oximetry

    Photodiode Question

    (7/9/13) Toot Toot (Tooting my own horn)

    (7/9/13) Unsung Hero Contest
    (7/9/13) Project of the Week (Fourth of July week 2013)

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    Default Re: Index Test

    I'm trying to learn to program AVR chips. Mainly so I can program the ATTiny24 on SparkFun's Nordic FOB(see panic button project for more info).
    I thought I'd list some fo the useful sites I've found here.

    Derek Malloy's Intro to Arduino
    Malloy's Arduino on a breadboard tutorial (video)
    Malloy's AVR Dragon Intro (video)
    AVR Freaks
    Programing Propeller with ATtiny84
    AVR ATtiny84 (Small Chip with lots of Memory)
    AVR ATtiny2313 (Small Chip with UART)

    Propeller Plus Arduino
    (9/26/13) Propeller Shield Idea
    (9/26/13) When the Propeller met the Arduino

    Other External (to Parallax) Sites:
    Savage Circuits
    Savage Circuits - Completed Projects
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    Default Re: Index Test

    Items of Interest

    Items I own:
    (Just some I want to be able to find quickly)
    Propeller Boards
    Propeller Protoboards
    USB Propeller Protoboards
    Propeller Professional Development Board
    Propeller Demo Board
    Propeller Backpack
    C3 Full Kit
    Parallax Laser Range Finder

    PIR Sensor
    Ultrasound Transducers

    Nordic FOB
    nRF24L01+ chip antenna
    nRF24L01+ RP-SMA
    nRF2401A chip antenna
    XBee XSC wire antenna
    XBee ZigBee Pro wire antenna
    XBee ZigBee Pro RP-SMA
    XBee ZigBee wire antenna
    XBee ZigBee RP-SMA

    MicroMag 3-Axis Magnetometer
    SoftPot Rotary
    SoftPot 500mm
    Dual Gearbox

    Rover 5
    Tank Treads
    Mecanum Wheels (Vex Mecanum Wheels a lot better than these.)
    Mouse Sensor (Parallax's version is better)
    LinkSprite JPEG Color Camera

    6mm 5mW Laser Module

    Electronic Goldmine
    (4/26/14) 140:1 Gear Motors (Thread)
    __(4/26/14) RobotRoom Info about Motors

    Items I'm thinking about:

    Holder for 5 AA Batteries
    Futurlec beakout boards for smt parts
    (5/11/14) Laser Scanner

    Things Erco made me buy:
    Ultrasound sensors
    Purple batteries
    Li Ion batteries (AA size)
    Vex Mecanum Wheels
    Switching Regulator
    L298N Motor Controllers
    (7/21/13) LiPo Battery Voltmeter/Alarm
    (12/24/13) 10 x Red 8x8 LED Arrays
    (12/24/13) Red 8x8 LED Array with MAX7219 Chip
    (12/24/13) P5587 IR Encoders (he also gave me some)
    (12/29/13) More Regulators
    (5/11/14) Aluminum Wallets
    (5/31/14) I2C RTC
    (6/28/14) Sharp IR Sensors

    Part Sources

    TNC Scooter
    Electric Scooter Parts
    Micro Fasteners

    Shopping List

    Digi-Key To Buy List (updated 10/11/12)

    74HC573 IO expanders for 144 servo driver
    2.6V regulator
    smt ATtiny84 with leads

    DC to DC chip

    (6/19/13) +/- 30A Current Sensor
    (6/19/13) Also +30A, 20A, 5A
    (8/6/13) DC to DC again

    Mouser To Buy List (updated 5/7/12)

    1mm pitch, 10-wire ribbon cable (to use with 2mm IDC)

    Pololu To Buy (and Already Purchased) List (updated 1/22/13)

    Pololu Motors

    37Dx54L 67:1 Gearbox Motor with Encoder
    37D Motor Brackets
    Mounting Hubs 6mm

    MC33926 H-Bridge

    MC33926 at Digi-Key

    SN75HC165PWR at Digi-Key

    Mdfly.com (updated 7/4/12)

    MP3 Player with SD card holder

    Pogo Pins

    10mm Standoff

    30mm Standoff

    Other Prototyping Stuff

    LED Heatsink

    IR LED 1W

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    Default Re: Index Test

    Servo Stuff:

    Beau's 144 servo controller
    Rayman's Servo Hack
    Rayman's Serial Servo Attempt
    Open Servo
    ZoSuper Modified Servos

    $3 Servo Tester

    Hobby King HX12K Metal Geared Servo
    Hobby King Vigor VS-11 Large Servo
    Hobby King HXT900 Micro Servo
    __LMR HXT CR Tutorial
    Metal Gear 180 Degree Servo

    My Servo Projects (Listed Previously)
    QuickStart Controlling 32 Servos
    QuickStart Servo Tester

    Say It Stuff:

    Martin_H's Robot
    SayIt GUI and Example BS2 Code
    SayIt Bridge Program for Propeller

    Prop Voice Recognition

    Chips to use with the Propeller


    QuadCopter Stuff

    (9/18/14) ELEV-8 Tutorials on Learn.Parallax.com ****** Start Here ******
    Forum Threads
    Jason Dorie's QuadX
    ELEV-8 Build Log
    (5/25/13)Jason Dorie's Code for the HoverFly Sport See Jason's Thread listed below
    ELEV-8 Assembly and Flight
    ELEV-8 Cameras
    ELEV-8 Connector Questions
    ELEV-8 Radio Setup Questions
    ELEV-8 Flight Simulators
    ELEV-8 Batteries
    Another Build Log (by CowboyCoder)
    HackAWeek (MakerDino) Build Log Videos
    (5/25/13) Competing Quadcopter Solutions
    (5/25/13) Parallax and HoverFly: Relationship and Future Plans! (Ken Gracey)
    (5/25/13) Jason Dorie's QuadX Open Source Quadcopter Firmware (Thank you Jason)

    Related Links of Personal Interest

    (5/27/13) HMC5883L 3-Axis Compass at HobbyKing
    (5/27/13) ITG-3205 3-Axis Gyro at HobbyKing

    Airspeed Sensor at DigiKey

    MultiWii at HobbyKing
    MultiWii Google Code

    HobbyKing $100 QuadCopter
    Forum Post about $100 Quadcopter

    Large Quad Parts (One I'm slowly building testing)
    Turnigy Outrunner

    Turnigy 2217 860 kV Outrunner
    Control Board

    Click image for larger version

Name:	a4916450-9-front1200.jpg
Views:	498
Size:	107.3 KB
ID:	94452

    Click image for larger version

Name:	a4916451-169-back1200.jpg
Views:	315
Size:	88.9 KB
ID:	94451

    Hacking Spektrum and Orange Radios
    rcgroup hacking Spektrum remote receiver
    rcgroup hacking Spektrum telemetry
    rcgroup BLDC controller
    rcgroup Flyduino
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    Default Re: Index Test


    Robot Builder's Bonaza 4th Edition
    Amazon Link

    Programming and Customizing the Multicore Propeller Microcontroller


    Intruder Alarms, 2nd Edition, by Gerald Honey
    This ebooks will be here temporarily.
    This book was deleted on March 5, 2012.
    I had uploaded this ebook in response to this thread.

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    Default Re: Index Test

    Robot and Robot Controller Index.


    Scribbler 2:

    (2/22/14) Early Design Notes
    Parallax's S2 Product Page
    Parallax's Information and Downloads Page
    Black Masking Tape
    Sneak Peek
    Pen Lifter
    Internal Pen Lifter
    Alphabet for S2”: A Collaborative Project

    XBee Remote

    Early S2 Thread
    Reveals Soul (draws Propeller beanie)
    S2 on Sale
    Expansion Board
    S2 Sound: Audio "Loudness" and Dynamic Range Compression
    (2/14/13)Gwolfe's Custom S2 Software


    Product Page
    Downloard Page
    Learn.Parallax (tutorials on using a PropBOE-Bot)

    Jose's QuickStart BOE-Bot


    (9/26/13) Any plans for Non-C-quot support for the ActivityBot?
    (9/26/13) ActivityBot Encoder Resolution
    (9/26/13) Boe-Bot Encoders (I think ActivityBot encoders cost the same.)

    (9/26/13) Calibration failure

    Rover 5:

    SparkFun Product Page
    (2/14/13)My Rover 5 Thread in the Robot Forum*


    Magician Chassis:

    SparkFun Product Page
    Forum Post

    Robot Parts:
    Dual Gearbox with Motors

    Cheap Omni Wheels


    Lynxmotion Tread
    Vex Tank Tread Kit
    Tamiya Tank Tread
    BOE-Bot Tread Kit
    Rover 5 Treaded Robot
    Bicycle chain tread
    Mattracks (for trucks and ATVs)
    (3/13/13)Thread about Treads on Let's Make Robots

    Robot Controllers:

    PJ's Cypherbot with Controller
    Microcontrolled's Stingray Remote
    Microcontrolled's Remote, Version 2
    Propeller Wireless Intelligent Terminal (PWIT) (S2 Remote)
    Paul K's XBee Robot Controller
    TheGrue's Robot Remote

    Robot Navigation:
    Robot Location Thread
    Compass Accuracy & Dead Reckoning
    Autonomous robot's navigation
    6DOF IMU
    (9/26/13) Magnetic Tape Following Robot
    (9/26/13) A* (A star) Algorithm on Wikipedia
    (9/16/13) Wavefront Algorithm at Society of Robots

    Bots to Find Again (robots I want to be able to find again)

    Erco's Trash Bot
    Erco's Retro Bot
    Sphere Robot by Zenta
    (9/26/13) Dragon Robot



    IR-augmented Echo-location with the Ping)))


    IR Compound Eye

    (1/15/14) IR Remote Projects:

    (1/15/14) Ragtop's Project
    (1/15/14) Podion's Project
    (1/15/14) Beau's IR Remote Object in OBEX


    Martin_H's Arm
    IK thread in Robot Forum

    * Listed in other places in index.
    Last edited by Duane Degn; 02-22-2014 at 03:23 PM. Reason: Added LMR Thread about Treads

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    Default Re: Index Test

    This is a good idea. I've had an index here for some time. If everyone made indices, we would have a powerful resource. Keep at it.

  14. #14

    Default Re: Index Test


    Have you to thank for the idea of using a test forum post as an index. (I just added a line to my first post about this.)

    I considered use the blog area as an index but I like the way forum posts display better than the way blog posts display.

    You also have to add some code to get links to show up in blogs.

    I have a bunch of projects I haven't documented yet. Hopefully I'll have more to add to my personal project index soon.


    (4/11/13) Some links I'd like to find again.
    Robot Balances on Ball
    Sea Water Antenna
    Dead Reckoning Robot
    Light Field Display
    Arduino IMU Code
    LED Sensors
    High Altitude Balloon Transmitter

    (4/13/13)LMR Posting Suggestions
    uSD cards from OBC
    Tilt Compensation
    (1/9/14) What are your 2014 projects?
    (1/26/14) erco uses a Propeller
    (4/23/14) 140:1 Inexpensive Gear Motors from Electronic Goldmine
    (6/4/14) (130221 JBWolf) MPU6050 Thread
    (6/4/14) (120925 StephenMoore) MPU6050 Thread
    (6/4/14) MPU-6055 at Arduino Playground

    (6/4/14) (120908 Kris Cardoen) Question about HMC5883L Compass
    (6/4/14) (131219 Shawna) Tilt Compensation of HMC5883L (includes link to calibration information)

    (6/4/14) USB in OBEX
    (6/4/14) USB Thread
    (6/4/14) USB Scanlime Website
    (6/4/14) Cheap ($1.60) Bluetooth Dongle at DealExtreme

    (6/17/14) BradC's USB Toys

    (7/12/14) Ethernet and WiFi
    (7/12/14) Bulk Buy #1 Purchasing WiFi Modules
    (7/12/14) OBC's Webserver for Serial WiFi Module

    Placeholder (otherwise links spill onto next line)




    Last edited by Duane Degn; 04-21-2015 at 07:38 AM.

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    Default Re: Index Test

    Nice list, DD!

    Esp. "things erco made me buy"...
    "Give a man an inch, and right away he thinks he's a ruler." Maxwell Smart

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    Default Re: Index Test

    Quote Originally Posted by erco View Post
    Nice list, DD!

    Esp. "things erco made me buy"...
    I know that list is woefully incomplete.

    I'm hoping if I made an "erco deals I resisted" list, it would be longer than the "buy" list, but I'm not so sure it would be.

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    Default Re: Index Test

    Duane - just found this... Very impressive and handy. Great work.

    "I love to work on problems that are hard, because I love to learn." - Sebastian Thrun

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    Default Re: Index Test

    Quote Originally Posted by Whit View Post
    Duane - just found this... Very impressive and handy. Great work.
    Thanks Whit.

    I'm not as altruistic as this index may at first make me appear. I mainly made this index for my own use. I myself wanting to link to certain threads in my forum replies and I got tired of searching for these same threads over and over again. Most of the items in this index are things I'm very interested in myself. This index doesn't have much (if any) information I'm not personally interested in.

    I also wanted a place to list my various projects.

    Another forum member has made a similar sort of index. I thought I had a link to it somewhere in this thread but I couldn't find just now. This other index has a lot of great information. I'll try to find it again and made sure to add a link to it in post #1 of this index (I thought I had already done this).

    As I've mentioned elsewhere in this thread/index, I got the idea of listing my projects in a test forum thread from Humanoido. I like many of Humanoido's threads listing threads on various topics (serial drivers, Propeller programming languages, multi-Propeller projects, etc.) and wanted to start some of my own lists on topics I'm interested in.

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    Default Re: Index Test

    I hope you do not mind but I am going to also "borrow" this idea. It will be a great place for me to keep track of threads and links I use and like instead of having to search my favorites.

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    Default Re: Index Test

    Quote Originally Posted by NWCCTV View Post
    I hope you do not mind but I am going to also "borrow" this idea. It will be a great place for me to keep track of threads and links I use and like instead of having to search my favorites.
    I don't mind at all. I got the idea from Humanoido.

    I wish other forum members kept a list of their projects and forum threads they think are important or interesting. I think it would be fun to see what others have done and what they find interesting.

    I use Rich's search page (linked to at the top of post #1) a lot but there are lots of threads which are hard to find through Google or the forum search page. I've found this list of links has been extremely useful.

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