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    Rich's Parallax and Savage Circuits Search

    I don't like relying on my "Favorites" to find threads here on the forum.

    I'm making an index of threads, I frequently link to or use, here.

    Thanks to Humanoido for the idea of using a Test Forum post as an index.

    This first post with be an index to the index.

    Post #2: Personal Projects Index
    Post #3: FAQ
    Post #4: Machine Vision, Video Overlay, Fonts
    Post #5: Miscellaneous and Unsorted Posts Including:
    Tools for Prop Programming
    Prop to Prop Communication
    Prop Lab Equipment
    Air Quality
    Auto Pilot
    Display Drivers
    Sound with the Propeller
    Electronics Information
    Best Practices
    Prop Plug with Enclosure Ideas
    DIY Prop Plug
    Medical Links
    Pulse Oximetry
    Post #6: AVR Stuff
    Post #7: Displays
    Post #8: Boards of Interest
    Post #9: Items of Interest
    Post #10: Servo Info., Say It Info. and Quadcopter Information.
    Post #11: E-Books
    Post #12: Robots and Robot Controllers Index

    (Updated: 6/4/14) Ten Nordic Modules for $10.08 on ebay
    (6/4/14) I try to keep the link above set to an active seller. These sellers frequently change what they are selling and the above link will likely be out of date soon. A quick search on ebay for "nRF24L01+" will bring up the active pages selling these transceivers. There is likely a better price for these somewhere on ebay. I didn't look very long for the best deal.
    I have not purchased transceiver from the seller I linked to above. I have on occasion received a transceiver that didn't work. If you're going to buy some of these, I'd suggest getting at least three modules in case one of the module is DOA.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Schematic_Basic.JPG
Views:	1782
Size:	29.0 KB
ID:	103215Click image for larger version

Name:	Schematic_PCB.JPG
Views:	1132
Size:	60.9 KB
ID:	103214

    (8/6/13) Added eBay Nordic module schematic and PCB layout.
    (8/18/13) Here's a datasheet to the Nordic nRF24L01+ chip. (Datasheet hosted on SparkFun's server.)
    (8/18/13) My Propeller driver for these modules (new driver coming soon).
    (8/18/13) Ron Czapala's driver for BS2.

    (2/14/13) I'm now including dates of when a link is added. Hopefully this will make it easier for forum members to find new links.
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