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Thread: PPDB - Using the full PPDB - Updated Code Version 1.4

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    Cool PPDB - Using the full PPDB - Updated Code Version 1.4

    Updated to Version 1.4 December 3rd 2011

    I am working on a project to fully use the PPDB with as little extra components as possible, so far I've had to add two PCA 9555 IC's and have added a 4x4 Matrix keypad that will be connected to one of the PCA9555 IC's. With the exception to the I2C Bus Expanders, I will be using parts available directly through the Parallax Store.

    I will be updating this post as the project progresses. I anticipate the total cost of the project will be around $300 US for all the parts and the PPDB. I should also note that I will be adding a GPS Unit later, after I have a 4x4 Matrix Keypad working.

    Parts Needed So Far:

    Please see my Blog for more info . In the mean time, here is a video. NOTE: This link will update as the project progresses.

    Video will be updated Each time the code is updated.

    Update Log:
    • Added the 4x4 Matrix Keypad on Propeller pins 8 through 15
    • Pressing the * and # keys together on the keypad displays the date.

    • Changes to the code and pin outs.
    • I can now display the date by pressing the PPDB's Button 0, and the date will display until you release the button.
    • The previous version was 1.2 so this update is 1.3. (Code will be available by 5pm)

    Next Updates:

    • V1.5 - Update Time and Date with Keypad.
    • V1.6 - Reattach the uM-FPU V3 to the I2C Bus and test.
    • V1.7a - Attach GPS to the uM-FPU V3 and test.
    • V1.7b - Compile uM-FPU code for GPS Great Circle math, setup commands to read just a date/time/GPS String/Latitude/Longitude/Speed/Course/Altitude all separately.
    • V1.8 - Automatically update date and time according to GPS
    • V2.0 - Attach an micro-SD card reader with 4GB card and test
    • V2.?? - Micro-SD/OS related updates
    • V3.0 - Attach TV Output and test.
    • V3.?? - TV Related updates
    After version 3.?? I will be trying to add keyboard and mouse if there is enough room, if not I will try to incorporate loading drivers and code from SD Media or add some additional RAM. If everything is working properly in Spin, I will start asking if someone can progressively convert the Spin to PASM.

    If there is still room, I will add some additional PCA9555's to access the dip-switch, Buttons, & LED's which will require at least 2 more.

    I would like someone to help with reducing the spin code size, PM Me if you are willing.
    Last edited by Jorge P; 12-03-2011 at 07:40 AM. Reason: Updated to 1.4 will be closing down in Feb 2012 due to the shutdown on that date, it would have been nice to have some type of notification about it before now, but it will not be back up after that date.

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