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Thread: PPDB - Using the full PPDB - Updated Code Version 1.4

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    Cool PPDB - Using the full PPDB - Updated Code Version 1.4

    Updated to Version 1.4 December 3rd 2011

    I am working on a project to fully use the PPDB with as little extra components as possible, so far I've had to add two PCA 9555 IC's and have added a 4x4 Matrix keypad that will be connected to one of the PCA9555 IC's. With the exception to the I2C Bus Expanders, I will be using parts available directly through the Parallax Store.

    I will be updating this post as the project progresses. I anticipate the total cost of the project will be around $300 US for all the parts and the PPDB. I should also note that I will be adding a GPS Unit later, after I have a 4x4 Matrix Keypad working.

    Parts Needed So Far:

    Please see my Blog for more info . In the mean time, here is a video. NOTE: This link will update as the project progresses.

    Video will be updated Each time the code is updated.

    Update Log:
    • Added the 4x4 Matrix Keypad on Propeller pins 8 through 15
    • Pressing the * and # keys together on the keypad displays the date.

    • Changes to the code and pin outs.
    • I can now display the date by pressing the PPDB's Button 0, and the date will display until you release the button.
    • The previous version was 1.2 so this update is 1.3. (Code will be available by 5pm)

    Next Updates:

    • V1.5 - Update Time and Date with Keypad.
    • V1.6 - Reattach the uM-FPU V3 to the I2C Bus and test.
    • V1.7a - Attach GPS to the uM-FPU V3 and test.
    • V1.7b - Compile uM-FPU code for GPS Great Circle math, setup commands to read just a date/time/GPS String/Latitude/Longitude/Speed/Course/Altitude all separately.
    • V1.8 - Automatically update date and time according to GPS
    • V2.0 - Attach an micro-SD card reader with 4GB card and test
    • V2.?? - Micro-SD/OS related updates
    • V3.0 - Attach TV Output and test.
    • V3.?? - TV Related updates
    After version 3.?? I will be trying to add keyboard and mouse if there is enough room, if not I will try to incorporate loading drivers and code from SD Media or add some additional RAM. If everything is working properly in Spin, I will start asking if someone can progressively convert the Spin to PASM.

    If there is still room, I will add some additional PCA9555's to access the dip-switch, Buttons, & LED's which will require at least 2 more.

    I would like someone to help with reducing the spin code size, PM Me if you are willing.
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