Update 2:

Hi Parallax Fans! I have good news and bad news...

Good News: I've addressed a number of issues (hundreds actually) in the PBASIC Tokenizer source so that it now compiles via XCode 4 on OSx Lion without any errors or warnings.

Bad News: I can't get it to link to my tester code. In fact, I can't get XCode to generate anything other than a ".a" file which I'm not sure is the right thing (we wish to release this as a static or dynamic library to be included in any software that wishes to compile for BASIC Stamp 2 and later... like we've done in the past). I think I may be on the right path now, but to make sure, I would sure appreciate it if a well-versed XCode developer would kindly donate a little of his/her time to speak with me over the phone. I've searched many resources internally and on the net, but am not able to find clear answers, which makes me think I'm asking the wrong questions.

Regardless, I'm still pursuing this effort and wanted you to know.