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Thread: How about an OBEX forum?

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    Default How about an OBEX forum?

    You might not take me seriously as somewhere between the new forum format, abandoning the SXes, and not making the OBEX catalog more precise - I've stopped buying Parallax Products.

    It isn't as if I've stopped using them, it is just that OBEX is a drudge to use and my other suggestions to improve it seem to have been dismissed.

    Still, an OBEX forum might help Parallax find a way to get it into a better, more pro-active mode.

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    Default Re: How about an OBEX forum?

    While I agree that the current state of the OBEX needs a lot of work, I believe Parallax is working on a new OBEX to dovetail with their Parallax Semiconductor initiative. I would counsel patience in this matter. I'm sure things will get better without the necessity of further agitation.


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    Default Re: How about an OBEX forum?

    Thanks for you reply Phil, I'll try to redouble my patience.

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