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Thread: C3 or PPDB?

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    Default C3 or PPDB?


    I am thinking about diving into the Prop world. Is the relationship between the C3 and the PPDB similar to the relationship between the OEM BS2 and the BOE with BS2?

    My environment consists of PBasic and the SX-Key Development System. Will the Prop environment live nicely with my current configuration?



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    Default Re: C3 or PPDB?

    The relationship between the C3 and the PPDB are. The C3 is already done on a PCB for you like video and keyboard connections. The PPDB is setup so design your circuits on a prototyping breadboard.

    When it comes to the programming side of things. There is no relationship between the C3 and the PPDB, because the programming language is Spin or PASM and Basic Stamps are programmed in PBASIC.

    I would download the PDF's for the C3 and the PPDB.
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    Default Re: C3 or PPDB?

    I started out with a Propeller Demo Board and I must say that it gave me an easy transition from PBasic to SPIN. Not having to worry about wiring things up correctly before I could see results was a major plus. I downloaded a bunch of programs that were made for the demo board and then made changes here and there to see how different portions of the code worked. I am very much a hands-on learner and would rather mesh together several programs posted on the forums/obex before I would start from scratch with what I already know.
    As I started doing more development work with Propeller, I found myself struggling with the 8 IO pins available on the demoboard and found myself not even using things on the board. I eventually bit the bullet and sold my PDB and bought the PPDB since I was moving away from the stamp. With the PPDB, I have a lot more flexibility as to what I can do with my projects. It can easily be wired up as a demoboard or a Hydra to check out programs people have loaded up. The PPDB is truly a development board and not for final projects obviously, so it is perfect for me since I spend a lot of time hacking on a project. When I complete a project on my PPDB, I then move it to a Protoboard or other "final project" style board.

    As for the C3, I think your decision should also include your long term goals. The C3 will allow you to do quite a bit and I am tempted to call it the "new and improved demoboard", because using it to develop projects that need something other than what's on board will require connections through the expansion port which appears to be limited to easy access of just P0-P7.(just like the demoboard) On this Propeller C3 thread, Andre LaMothe stated:

    And finally "what is this really for" -- the idea of this is an "application" board. That means, its not for development/learning in that it only contains a single prop and regulation. This board is designed for high end projects and control where you need built in A/D, larger memory for recording, SRAMS maybe for buffers that hold data, code, whatever etc. So, the idea here is a "credit card computer" that has everything you need to build something rather complex without adding FLASH, SD, SRAM, A/D, etc. its all on the card. A lot of customers have been wanting something like this, so here it is.
    I would say that if your goal is project development with the propeller, the PPDB should be your first choice. If your goal is learning how to use the propeller and developing projects is secondary, the Propeller Education Kit may be a better choice, but be prepared for a lot of breadboarding. Also, since you are coming from a Stamp background, be sure to look into PropBasic by Bean as this may be a better option for you to begin using the Prop.

    Good luck!!!
    Andrew Williams
    WBA Consulting

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    Default Re: C3 or PPDB?

    Or perhaps, you would consider getting this..

    I usually recommend this kit because it enables the user to build the whole Propeller setup. You have to make the regulator circuit, connect the EEPROM, the crystal, throw on a reset switch, etc... The benefit of this kit is that you then have the experience to make your own Propeller board for a fraction of the price(I can make a proto-board Prop setup for less than 20 bucks) AND it provides you with valuable info about how the hardware works, and how it is configured. That will help a lot when you are trouble-shooting. It was my first Propeller kit that i ever got and i constructed it without to much trouble, AND i was still a Basic Stamp/ Picaxe newbie, and i was only 18 at the time... If i could figure it out, you definitely can.. If you really, really don't like the idea, my second choice would be the Propeller demo board.... Happy Propping!!!!
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    Default Re: C3 or PPDB?

    I'm a very big fan of the PPDB. If it's in your budget and you're serious about creating Propeller-based devices, go that way. The C3 is very cool, yet pre-built so you have to live with imposed definitions. Writing for the C3 is like writing for a PC: you can code within the hardware definition provided. That said, the C3 is expandable, but it means creating a PCB to plug into its expansion headers.
    Jon McPhalen
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    Default Re: C3 or PPDB?


    I just bought the PPDB and "Programming the Propeller with Spin: A Beginner's Guide to Parallel Processing."

    Thanks for the help!


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    Default Re: C3 or PPDB?

    Hello Bill:
    Take a look at this.
    You'll like the PPDB.
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    Default Re: C3 or PPDB?


    Will the Propeller USB driver play nice with my SX and Stamp drivers?



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    Default Re: C3 or PPDB?

    I don't think you will regret going with the PPDB. There is lots of space to work, and many good features. There is so much room on the breadboard I've actually connected a 2nd Prop to it so you can do 2 projects at one time.

    As far as the FTDI driver you put on your computer it's the same for Parallax's other products. Not sure if that's answering your question.

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    Default Re: C3 or PPDB?

    Will the Propeller USB driver play nice with my SX and Stamp drivers?
    No problem; I use the same PC for programming all three platforms.
    Jon McPhalen
    Burbank, CA

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    Default Re: C3 or PPDB?

    The PPDB is probably my favorite product from Parallax. I use it for all of my electronic experimenting, whether it's with the prop or not. All of those easy to connect to displays, LEDs, buttons, switches, and so on are very handy!

    You won't regret getting one.

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    Default Re: C3 or PPDB?

    Get them both..

    Really the C3 and PPDB are for two different Propeller jobs. Used them both this ]weekend.
    My PPDB was used for debugging a stereo audio design, the C3 is being used while I'm working from my easy chair thanks to it's being able to be run from USB.

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    Default Re: C3 or PPDB?

    roughwood and JonnyMac and Roy and OBC--

    Thanks. That's what I wanted to know.

    I have a couple of PDBs and love them. When I built my multi-processor tracked robot, Ugly Buster, I prototyped his brains on a PDB with one of Robot Workshop's great SX48 modulesin the 40 pin socket and two OEM BS2s in the breadboard area. Ugly Buster eventually used an SX48 module and four OEM BS2 modules.

    My next machine will doubtless use ONE Prop and have far more processor capability. Hopefully, it will also have my long-sought dream of a Parallax WiFi module, through which I will offload the heavy navigational chores to a PC.

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