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Thread: Spinneret Reference Schematic Formats

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    Default Spinneret Reference Schematic Formats

    I think the "Open Source" attitude taken by Parallax will do allot for folks who have been hesitant.

    I'm just wondering what formats the schematics will be released in?

    I know that they are available as graphics now, but I'm looking for a propeller reference schematic for Eagle, and I can't find one.



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    Default Re: Spinneret Reference Schematic Formats

    I'm going to try to create one in eagle, I've started with a simpler one from the manual:


    If it turns out that its ok, I'll proceed to the demo board one, then the spinneret.


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    Default Re: Spinneret Reference Schematic Formats

    We are in the middle of migrating to a new EDA suite, so the Spinneret Web Server PCB was laid out without directly linking to the schematic. Because of this, the schematic only exists as a vector drawing but not as a net-list, so we cannot directly port it to any EDA software, like Eagle. You will need to create it from scratch.

    If you make a new one and post it here, send me a PM and I'll double check it against the layout for you.

    — David Carrier
    Parallax Inc.

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    Default Re: Spinneret Reference Schematic Formats

    David that would be great thanks!
    I will be working on it this weekend when I have some time.


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