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Thread: [Contest Entry] Home (garage) automation logger

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    Default [Contest Entry] Home (garage) automation logger

    Monitor the state of my garage over time.

    * Monitor and log sensor data.
    * Provide remote access to real-time and logged sensor data
    * Batch data to remote services
    * Remote configuration and control
    * Set thresholds and send alerts
    * Probably using XML RPC
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    Default Re: [Contest Entry] Home (garage) automation logger

    I’d like to amend my contest entry. Anyway, my focus is to code up a web server with these properties.

    * Drop a simple static web site on the SD card and it just works.
    * Provide web programmers access to a request and response object.
    * Allow web programmers to add custom processing before sending a response.
    * Mix in a little AJAX for a nice UI.

    I’ll hit my original bullet points but it will be more of a demo. Actually, I already hit most of the bullet points and made a little cash on the side. Probably can't use that though...

    Please see
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