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Thread: propeller or Stamp

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    Question propeller or Stamp

    Hi, I am jst what direction I shoukd go in and any opinions will be appreciated.

    I have used the propellor before in some simple experiments. Thing is I know little about the other parts and what they do. Like capacitors, transistors,diodes and a few other things.

    But if i get into stamps with all those great books it wil cost a lot of money .where propellers are cheap and the kit I am thinking of buying has two good books.

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    Go with the Propeller. It does way more stuff for way less price. It has drivers for everything and is easy to program. It can do just about anything you want it to. You won't be sorry.

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    Default Re: propeller or Stamp

    The stamp has it's place in education, but if you've already dealt with Spin, PASM or one of the other languages (Prop Basic, C, Etc.), there is no reason to go to the expense of the Stamp and have less power.

    The Stamp books are still good for learning some of the other electronics terms and parts, and how they work, and in many cases can be very easily adapted to the Prop (big difference being 3.3 volts for the Prop, 5 v for the stamps.

    Prop => More Power, Lower Cost, and not much harder to use.

    John R.

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